Vodafone: Gorgeous data facility on Vodafone Rs.98 plan

Vodafone Telecom is offering its 98 Rs. The add-on data pack has recently been revamped.

With Corona Effect, Country Telecom offers many benefits to its subscribers. Subscription data schemes for users from work to home have been introduced. Among them, Vodafone has announced a double data advantage on some of its prepaid plans. Vodafone has now made another change in its plan.

Yes, Vodafone Telecom is offering its 98 Rs. The add-on data pack has recently been revamped. Vodafone's add-on data scheme was initially available with 6GB of data. Audi now rewards all 12GB of data. The validity period of this add-on pack is 28 days.

Vodafone has introduced add-on data schemes for greater data accessibility. Vodafone charges. The price pack is now revised and has the benefit of a total of 12GB of data. The plan has a validity period of 28 days with free SMS and free voice calling. Only data is available.

Availability of new data pack utilities.

Vodafone has made its revised Data Add-on Pack available in select telecom circle areas. The offer is available in Andhra Pradesh, Delhi, Karnataka, Kerala, Mumbai, and the Eastern regions of UP. It is not applicable in Assam, Bihar, Chennai, Gujarat, Himachal Pradesh, Haryana, Jammu and Kashmir, Kolkata, Maharashtra, and Goa, Madhya Pradesh, Northeast, Orissa, Punjab, Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu, UP West, and West Bengal...

Other data add-on plan

Vodafone has three data add-on plans which are priced at Rs 16, Rs 48, and Rs 98 respectively. For an initial Rs.16, the Data Add-on Pack has a 1 day validity period, offering 1GB of data benefit. 48 and Rs. The data add-on pack has a validity period of 28 days, providing a total of 3GB of data.

Vodafone SMS Pack

The three SMS add-on options are Rs.36, Rs.12, and Rs. 36 Rs. The package includes a total of 350 SMS (valid for 28 days). 12 Rs. Pack includes 120 SMS (10 days validity). And Rs. This pack contains 250 SMS with 28 day's validity.

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