Hrithik Roshan is also associated with loud voice in Bangalore.

Around the afternoon on Wednesday, in Bengaluru a loud thunderstorm was heard in many places, It is not yet known what caused the noise.

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Another man-made natural disaster. Around the afternoon on Wednesday, the sound of thunder was heard in many places, including Bangalore. It is not yet known what caused the noise. There may be helicopter or fighter jet noise, although there has been much debate over Sonic Sound and it is not yet clear.

For the past three months, the entire world has been hit by Corona. The total number of infected people has crossed 50 lakh and more than 3.25 lakh people have died. In India, more than 1 lakh people have been infected with Covid-19 and 3,300 victims of the pandemic. It has been just over two months since the lockdown was announced across India to break this invisible virus. On the other hand, there is a storm of anxiety amongst the onslaught of this infection which has caused anxiety among the people.

Bollywood superstar Hrithik Roshan fans are asking if you have invited extraterrestrials again. This is due to the super hit cinema Koi Mil Gaya (2003). In the film, Hrithik Roshan had brought the extraterrestrial (magic) to Earth by messaging the word Om. This time, fans have questioned Hrithik on Twitter by sending a loud message to Aliens.

Hrithik replied, "This time is not a Mistake. Instead, the time has come for extraterrestrials to come to Earth." This tweet is currently viral.

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