Salman Khan's Bharat Movie Review {3.5/5}: An Entertaining But Exhausting Odyssey

Bharat Movie Review: Salman Khan's Great Idi is India

Bharat Movie
Bharat Movie Review
In Bollywood, making a film that involves a lifetime of a character is very big, and such a biopic is only available in the film. Hollywood has done so often in fictional films but in our cinema, it has been seen very little. Blockbuster director Ali Abbas Zafar, who gave two films, who made 300 million, once again came with India. In this movie Salman Khan will be seen in lead role and his different incarnations will be seen. The look of the superstar Salman has already been appreciated but will the film be appreciated? With this experiment, will India be able to create a place in the heart of the audience? Let's review.

Salman Khan's Bharat Movie Review

India, a man and a country together is the story of the journey. The story begins with Mirpur village near Lahore in 1947. India (Salman Khan) is a child and his father Gautam Kumar (Jackie Shroff) loves to love him. It is time to partition and India and his family are forced to leave Pakistan. Dangaii arrives at the railway station and in this way, India is climbing over the train with her sister Gudiya (Barbie Sharma), but suddenly her sister's hand is removed from India and she falls to the station. 

Gaitam has already climbed on the train's roof but he gets down from the train to find the doll. But before that he gives his watch to India and promises him that he will definitely come back. With this, India goes on giving responsibility to manage its family. India with its mother Janaki (Sonali Kulkarni), brother and sister, Gautam's sister Jamuna (Ayesha Raza Mishra) shop,
Bharat Movie Review
Movie Review Bharat
India goes to the house of her grandfather, but there is poverty also, so she starts doing odd jobs. In doing so, India jawan (Salman Khan) and his childhood friend Vilayati (Sunil Grover) becomes young. Both work in a circus, where Hot Sizzling Radha (Direction Patni) works. During this time, India and Radha are in the relationship. In Circus India shows the stamp of the well of death. But when he realizes that his stunts are affecting people wrongly, he leaves the circus. 

Now she starts looking for another job, then she meets Kumud Raina (Katrina Kaif). He carries India and the Australians and the rest of the people for the Middle East work for the work of oil well. Money is fine here but as much as it should, India decides to work in a mine under ground. But Kumud, who is starting to love India, Prevents him from doing this because he knows that working in such quarries is risky. But India does not believe and starts working, but here is something that can stop your sex life, for that you have to see the whole film.

Movie Review Bharat: An Entertaining But Exhausting Odyssey

India is based on the 2014 Korean Drama, Ode to My Father (directed by Yun J-Kyun, written by Park Su-Jin). The story has been very well-Indianized and important events of India after Independence - such as the death of Jawaharlal Nehru, the rise of unemployment, the 1983 Cricket World Cup finals, the era of liberalization and globalization, the emerging trend of redevelopment etc. Is represented by. 

The screenplay of Ali Abbas Zafar and Varun V. Sharma is effective and keeps the audience from the beginning to the end. Especially the emoticon scenes are written very well. Dialogues of Ali Abbas Zafar and Varun V. Sharma are simple and sharp, and in some places they are also very funny.

The direction of Ali Abbas Zafar is very great. Unlike his previous films, this film is of a zone, but Ali handles it well. The film changes tracks every 15-20 minutes and it is not easy to handle this kind of film. For example, after the tragic split scene, the film becomes a little humorous and after that Circus Sequence makes the film quite colorful. After a while, the film is quite easy to change and it can be seen in the whole movie. On the contrary, somewhere, the comedy scenes have been forcibly added, which do not leave the same effect. Apart from this, the view of the national anthem is inappropriate and it could be written better.

What Is in Bharat Movie?

India's introduction is very well, the film starts with 70 years of India, which lives in Delhi. Here it may seem that the makers have shown this moment a bit more. But there is nothing to worry about, as the film progresses, the main characters of the movie related to their life are removed from the curtain. The childhood scene is very attractive and engaging, while circus scenes are quite varied and entertaining. although, The real fun of the film begins when India meets Kumud. India starts work on oil well in the Middle East with Kumud. 

Even so, there is no big fight and quarrel in the film. But then the conflict in the story begins when India and its companions get trapped in the underground mine. From here the film goes to a higher level which is reliable. Thankfully Second Half is a lot better. The Shipped Seine is quite attractive and entertaining and full of humor. Those scenes are worth seeing when the pirates invades their cargo ship. However the best scene comes right before climax. 

There is an interesting twist here and it will definitely bring tears in the eyes of the audience, exactly like Bajrangi Bhaijaan (2015). The film ends at a fantastic turn. Just like Bajrangi Bhaiyan (2015). The film ends at a fantastic turn. Just like Bajrangi Bhaiyan (2015). The film ends at a fantastic turn.

According to the expectation, Salman Khan is full of films. He seems quite dancing and entertaining in every of his incarnations. In the circus scene, Salman has been shown to be less than 30 years old and he is absolutely perfect. As an old man, he fits and the way he has worked on his body language and voice for his avatar, She's cute. 

Their fences will surely be happy with their performances. Katrina Kaif fits into her role in every sense and she is doing a great job in terms of performance. He does complete justice with his well-written role. Talking about Katrina's Salman with Sharmas is quite memorable. 

Sunil Grover gets a lot of screen time and it's like the second lead of the film. And he makes good use of this opportunity, and of course his work will be appreciated. Jackie Shroff's screen time is very limited, but he plays an important role, and with this he wishes to record his presence. 

Bharat Movie Box Office Collection

Direction Patni is Sizzling and her presence on the screen seems pretty attractive. Tabu (Mehr) has a strong cameo. Asif Sheikh (Mehk's husband) makes his film entertaining with his character and humor. Child artist - Barbie Sharma, Kabir Sajid (Bal India), Aryan Prajapati (Bal Vilayanti) and Matin Ray Tangu (Bal Jimmy) look lovely. Nora Fatehi (Susan) looks quite hot but they do not have any special rolls. Sonali Kulkarni, Kashmeera Irani (Mehak), Kumud Kumar Mishra (Chemate), Ayesha Raza Mishra, Shashank Arora (small), Rajiv Gupta (Gulati) and Ivan Rodrigues (Gupta) are civilians. Mayyang Chang has a very small role but his badass roll is good.

Vishal-Shekhar's music is good but could have been better. 'Slow Motion' is best in all songs and after this it is good to sing 'Chashni'. 'Itte aa' has been choreographed quite well. 'Alive' is exhilarating. 'Tupreya', 'Aya na tu' and 'Thapa Thapa' are fine. The background score of Julius Packium is better and exhilarating, especially in emotional scenes. The choreography of Vaibhavi Merchant and Adil Shaikh is appealing, especially in 'Slow Motion' and 'Itte Aa' songs.

The cinematography of Marcin Laskawiec is captivating and some scenes are captured very well. Rajneesh Hedao's production design is quite rich. The costumes of Ashley Rebello, Alvira Khan Agnihotri, Veera Kapoor and Lavalen Bains are authentic and also glamorous. The costumes worn by Katrina Kaif and direction Patni are very attractive. The action of Seong Oh, Parvez Shaikh and Dave Judge is not very bloody and it is perfect. Editing of Rameshwar Bhagat does not seem very special in some places, but overall, it is commendable, quite a detailed story.

Bharat Movie Top Ratings and Star Casts

Overall India, filled with emotions, which is its USP is a very entertaining film. In this movie Salman Khan's never seen avatar will entertain the audience. The time of Salman Khan, Emotional and Id, this fantastic combination will surely give India a great win on the ticket window. This film at the box office, will be a good deal for everyone associated with it.

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