Get Rid Of Stomach Fat - How To Lose Belly Fat Fast - Best Way To Lose Belly Fat in Just 7 Days

7 Amazing Weight Loss Tips To Follow EveryDay to Lose Weight and Belly Fat

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Lose Belly Fat
We all want to reduce belly fat. This is one of the reasons that the size of the dress of many people has increased, some have lost their look. In your body the fat on the side of the stomach has increased, then you have become fat. In such a situation, we try to know from our friends how to reduce it.

One reason everyone who tells you that is to stop eating and exercise continuously. Not everyone would know the cure of every disease, in the same way everyone does not know how to reduce the fat. If you consume 70 percent of the food to reduce fat from your body, then 30 percent of the workout Therefore, not eating at all is wrong in the same way as anything, eat anytime.

There should be a balance in your food and also how you will use the necessary elements from food. In this article we are about to tell you about a 7-day vegetarian diet plan, which will reduce your stomach fat. Note that these 7 days of plan will not reduce the fat at once. They must be done continuously, so use this diet plan for a few months:

Weight Loss Eating suggestions:

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Weight Loss Diet
Before we go ahead, let's tell you about the things that need to be addressed:

1. Increase the amount of protein.
2. Reduce the amount of carbohydrate in the body, and do not try to get them through junk foods.
3. Increase the amount of water as it helps to remove bad things from the body and also increases your metabolism.
4. Increase the amount of fiber.

Finish the habit of eating a large amount of food.

6. Reduce the quantity of synthetic sugar or if you want to eliminate it altogether.
7. All these things will work only when you make exercise a part of your life. Put a habit of running a little and use stairs instead of lift.

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How to lose belly fat naturally
Now that we have told that we should pay attention to our food. You also tell us whether food is right and should not be a part of the food plate. Carrots, broccoli, cucumber, tomatoes, sweet potatoes, apples, melons, bananas, melons can be part of your diet. You can make mushroom, lentils, beans and any kind of nuts such as almonds and walnuts as part of your food.

The same grapes, pineapple, cashew and canola oil should not be part of your diet. You can change them according to the wishes.
If you wake up in the morning, you can eat five to six pieces of any nuts.

Breakfast Diet Plan:

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Lower belly fat
1. Two breads of brown bread sandwich and one banana.
2. glass of grain or oats and a fruit juice.
3. Quinoa salad and a glass of carrot or cucumber juice.


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Fat reduction
1. You can choose anything from fruit or vegetable. It includes apples, kiwi, oranges, watermelons, cucumbers, carrots and pears.
2. Cucumber, lemon juice, salt and pepper salad.
3. 4-5 biscuits made of wheat.

Lunch Diet Plan

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How to lose lower belly fat
1. Brown rice's small bowl with a bowl of vegetable curry and salad of your choice without heavy dressing.
2. Quinoa salad with bhage cholla chutney
3. 1 roti with 1 plate poha, 1 bowl of pulse and a small plate of salad.
4. A small bowl of khichdi and raita.
5. A plate of rice rajma and a bowl raita.
6. A plate of olive oil, broccoli, carrot, onion, vinegar, salt and pepper grated salad made from chili.

Evening snack:

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How to lose body fat
1. Green tea and sprouted food.
2. Green tea and boiled corn.
3. Green Tea and Khakhra.
4. A cup of lubricating curd.

Dinner Diet Plan

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How to lose belly fat at home
1. Any one of the vegetables or pulses of one and one bread and one salad plate with it.
2. A glass soup with lentil pulses and fried vegetables.
3. A glass of paneer tikka and tomato soup.
4. Dal, 1 roti, sprouted salad and a glass soup.
5. A roti made from wheat, which is full of food items, as well as a quartar of kabuli gram.

Before sleeping:

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Stomach Fat
If you have more time for dinner and sleep, then take a glass of milk before sleeping. Do not think of eating biscuits, pizzas or ice cream in the meantime because it can cause harm. If you do not like bad, you can eat nuts.
You can get good health by using any of the options given in this article, as well as remove the fat of your stomach.