Vijay Devarakonda - 'Dear Comrade' Release Date Confirmed and Makers Released a New Poster

'Dear Comrade' Release Date Confirm .. When Vijay Devarakonda came in

Dear Comrade
Vijay Devarakonda
Vijay Devarakonda films are now making buzzing boxes. Geeta Govindam film under 15 crores of business is the real Vijay market, so Arjun Reddy has done something wrong. 

But the film has collected more than 70 crores and shown Vijay Stamina. After that, the taxis went up to 24 crores and became a blockbuster. Now, Dear Comrade Cinema is waking up to business. When the release date of this movie was confirmed.

The film's producers are also releasing this film in Tamil, Kannada and Malayalam languages. Dear camaradu is going to be released on July 26th in all languages. The producers have recently released the poster confirming the release date of the film. Vijay Devarakonda says that the film is sure to hit another block buster. Bharat Kamma is getting bigger with the expectations of the film. More recently, the teaser released a wonderful response.

The release date of the film is also due to the release of the pre-release business. The film is sold in Telugu with up to 30 crores. The campaign is going to sell the film rights to the film at Rs 7.5 crore in Nizam. Vijay films are doing wonders in Nizam. So now he is less than 7.5 crores before his craze. Ceded 3.5 crores .. In Andhra region, 10 crores of the film is being sold. Overseas also sells heavily.

Vijay Devarakonda - 'Dear Comrade' Release Date Confirmed

Dear camaradu is making a pre-release business of Rs 40 crore along with Telugu and other languages. It means that at least 50 crores to get the film hit. Dear camaradu big test for Vijay Devarakonda image now. The film will be released on May 31st. Rushdie's sister is the heroine in the film. The film is being produced by Maitri Movie Makers and the new director Bharat Kamma is directing this movie.

Sensational star Vijay Devarakonda and Rashmi Mardana in the movie 'Dear Comrade'. 'Fight for what you love' is a subtitle. The film is being produced by Naveen Ernani, Yalamanchili Ravishankar, CVM (Mohan) and Yash Rangineni on Maidry Movie Makers, Big Ben Cinemas. Bharath Kamma is the director. On the 9th of May, the 'Dear Comrade' release date was announced on Wednesday, the birthday of Vijay Devarakonda. The movie will be released on July 26th. Vijay Devarakonda also tweeted to this extent .

'Listen to comrades! 26 July 2019, "said Vijay. The film is released simultaneously in all four languages. Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam and Kannada languages ​​are released on the same day. The recent release of Teaser has got a great response from the audience. Justin Prabhakaran's music was also a good response to the song. There are huge expectations in the audience. The trailer will be released shortly.

It started almost a year ago and finally completed the shooting at the end of April. Director Bharat Kamma has revealed this on Twitter. "Pyakap !! Dear camaradu shooting is done! We've done a lot of shooting for a year. Vijay Devarakonda, Rashmi Mantana and other team members also shared a photograph. Currently post production works are going on.