Redmi Note 7S camera samples come in front, knight mode also found

Redmi Note 7S 48-Megapixel Camera's Night Mode Teased With Samples, Redmi Note 7S Camera

Redmi Note 7S camera samples come in front, knight mode also found
Redmi Note 7S camera samples come in front, knight mode also found
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  • Dual Rear Camera Setup Confirmation at Redmi Note 7S
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Xiaomi is launching Redmi Note 7S in India next week, this phone will be equipped with a 48 megapixel camera sensor. To showcase the camera capability of the Redmi Note 7S, Xiaomi has shared the camera sample, one of them is getting a glimpse of the dedicated night mode. Prior to the official launch, Xiaomi India's chief Ma
nu Kumar Jain shared a picture on Twitter in which he was seen holding the Redmi Note 7S in his hands. In the picture shared by Manu Kumar Jain, the red color variants of the phone were visible and there are two rear cameras on the back of the phone. Apart from this, it has already been confirmed that Redmi Note 7S will be sold in India at Flipkart.

Redmi Note 7S Camera Sample

Xiaomi has started sharing the camera sample of the Redmi Note 7S . Colors look good in pictures. Low-light also has a photograph taken from Redmi Note 7S, indicating that the phone has been dedicated to low-light photography for dedicated video mode. In addition to sharing photos, the company wrote: "Now you can easily capture amazing super-low-light pictures with the upcoming SUPER #48MP camera!"

Redmi Note 7S Camera
Preview of the Portrait Mode in the Camera Sample of Redmi Note 7S
In the second camera sample, the Bokeh Depth Effect highlighted with the portrait mode of the phone is highlighted. Recall that Manu Kumar Jain had a tweet earlier this week in which he was looking at the red color variants of Redmi Note 7S in hand. At the same time he also indicated that Corning Gorilla Glass 5 can be used on the back panel of Redmi Note 7S. The #48MP was used in the tweet.
Redmi Note 7S Launched Date

Dual rear camera setup is being shown on the back panel of the radio note 7 S in the picture, although the information about secondary sensor resolution is yet to be found. Fingerprint sensor has been given on the back of the phone. Being Gorilla Glass 5 indicates that the phone can be lowered with Glossy Build. More information about the phone will be available on May 20, the day the phone will be screened .