20+ OnePlus 7 Pro Hidden Feature, Useful Tips and Tricks That Proves It is A Flagship Killer

More Than 20 Tips and Tricks for OnePlus 7 Pro

OnePlus 7 Pro
OnePlus 7 Pro Features
OnePlus has always been offered in the market as a flagship killer device and the one thing that matters most to prove its most popular brand is its Oxygen OS software. In this software, you are always able to see almost all the basic features and some extra custom features along with Stock Experience, which the user likes quite well.

OnePlus 7 Pro is a robust specification, a combination of hardware and great software. If you have purchased the device, then we have brought you some great tips and tricks related to OnePlus 7 Pro that you can easily use:

1. DC Dimming

OnePlus 7 Pro Features
DC Dimming
AMOLED displays use PWM or Plus Width Modulation to reduce brightness. So sometimes due to low brightness, flicker is seen on the screen. If the user is a bit sensitive, then they are a little harmful to their eyes.
OnePlus 7 Pro Features
DC Dimming
This will not be a very special thing for some users, but OnePlus has introduced the option of DC Dimming in the phone keeping in mind your user. For this, first of all, go to Settings >> Utilities >> Laboratory and turn on DC Dimming. Turning on DC Domming will make a difference to Color Accuracy but it proves to be better for your eyes.

2. Change in Refresh Rate and Resolution

You have a 90Hz refresh rate display in OnePlus 7 Pro. After a lot of use of the phone, we can say that the refresh rate does not have any very attractive effect, but when you scroll the screen, you will feel the difference.

OnePlus 7 Pro Features
Change in Refresh Rate and Resolution
To use this attractive display, you have to negotiate with the battery as the battery consumption at 90Hz refresh rate increases. But OnePlus has also given you the option to change the refresh rate and resolution here. To make this change, first go to Settings >> Display and then you can choose the refresh rate and resolution according to your choice.

3. Change color and display mode in display color

The default mode of this latest onePlus 7 Pro is much better than the 6T, with which you have been given some other profiles that you can choose according to your choice.

OnePlus 7 Pro Features
Change color and display mode in display color
Nature profiles seem like sRGB to a great extent. It is good on eyes and we suggest using it. Apart from this, sRGB, display P3 other profiles have also been provided to you with color tone slider.

7 Pro has also been given a reading mode which you can also turn on for some selected applications under the quick settings.

4. Auto call recording

By the way, you can record calls in OnePlus from the dial screen, but here you also have the option of auto-call recording.

OnePlus 7 Pro Features
Auto call recording
Open the phone or dialer app in your phone and open the dialer settings by clicking on the menu icon above. Here you get the option of "Call Recording" with which you can record calls of any particular caller or all callers.

5. Quick launch shortcuts

OnePlus 7 Pro Features
Quick launch shortcuts
If you keep the tape even after unlocking the fingerprint icon on the screen, the Quick Settings slider appears in it, you can register up to 6 shortcuts. You can also make changes to settings in Jqu in shortcuts.
OnePlus 7 Pro Features
Quick launch shortcuts
To turn on Quick Settings, go to Utility after settings and select the option. You can also choose a shortcut of your choice by deleting the default shortcuts here.

6. Call Identification

Call identification can be called the Indian feature of Oxygen OS. If truecaller looks at you and sometimes does not do your work due to Internet connectivity then you can use it to avoid spam-calls.

OnePlus 7 Pro Features
Call Identification
Like all other caller-ID services, it will also get better over time.

7. Customize Shelf

OnePlus 7 Pro Features
Customize Shelf
In OnePlus 7 Pro, you can see the shelf feature which can be used as a dashboard when you swipe right on the Home screen. With the shelf, you can easily use tools, contacts, applications, etc.
OnePlus 7 Pro Features
Customize Shelf
We would suggest using it as OnePlus has provided you a fairly useful parking location widget this year so that you can easily find car parking. In addition you can also add third-party app widgets to the OnePlus shelf.

8. Zen Mode

OnePlus has also introduced the Zen Mode feature in your latest phone, which you can use with Quick Settings. Zen Mode keeps you away from all types of notifications by closing all your device functions.

OnePlus 7 Pro Features
Zen Mode
We will tell you here that even the Zen Mode does not stop the kind of background activity, it only prevents you from using the application.

9. Custom Camera Mode

In OnePlus 7 Pro, you also have the option to remove or re-arrange camera modes such as Portrait, Nightscape, Pro etc. With this option you can easily sort the function according to your liking.

OnePlus 7 Pro Features
Custom Camera Mode
To set the mode, go to the camera application and open the camera setting. Now select Customized Mode and follow your preferred pattern.

10. Tune Audio

OnePlus 7 Pro offers Dolby ATMOS certified audio output and here is a better equalizer for custom audio based audio output.

OnePlus 7 Pro Features
Tune Audio
Go to Settings >> Sound Vibration and tap audio on audio option. As soon as you connect the headphones, the option of equalizer is also visible.

11. Customize alert slider

Alert slider is a feature of OnePlus 7 Pro that you use in the office a lot. It gets right above the power button, which can be used easily.

OnePlus 7 Pro Features
Customize alert slider
You can also customize this slider for that first go to Settings >> button and gestures and option and options are given quite limited.

12. Screen Recorder

OnePlus 7 Pro Features
Screen Recorder
OnePlus has pinned a new feature as a quick setting this year as a screen recorder. With the Screen Recorder you can record your gaming session and record anything on the screen with the audio.

13. Dark theme and accent color

OnePlus is one of the first OEM makers to give you system wide dark themes. This feature is joining the user's Top 3 list in 2019.

OnePlus 7 Pro Features
Dark theme and accent color
In Oxygen OS, you have been given the option of choosing Accent color in addition to themes. First of all, Settings >> Display and you get an option to change the font style and size with Accent color.

14. Power button or Google Assistant button

OnePlus has also given you the option of using the Power button like Google Ansist button or Alexa button in this device. First of all, go to Settings >> Button and Gesture. Google Assistant is going to get a lot better, which is still ideal for the voice officer.

OnePlus 7 Pro Features
Power button or Google Assistant button
This custom feature proves to be a lot better, but it requires a bit of habit.

15. Unlock animation

Along with the Fast Optical Fingerprint sensor, you also get to see the unlock animation, which you will need to choose your favorite animation by going to Settings >> Security >> Fingerprint menu.

OnePlus 7 Pro Features
Unlock animation
In-display fingerprint sensor OnePlus 7 Pro does not get the Always-On feature, you also have the option of "Tap the screen to show" here.

16. Navigation Gestures

The big display without a nozzle creates a very attractive device from the front side OnePlus 7 Pro, but if you want to use navigation gestures instead of the navigation bar then it becomes a good experience.

OnePlus 7 Pro Features
Navigation Gestures

17. Parallel Apps

OnePlus 7 Pro Features
Parallel Apps
In OnePlus 7 Pro, you also have the option to use the same application with 2 separate accounts. To use this option first go to Settings >> then utilities and then select applications like Paytm and Ola, not just your preferred social media applications.

18. Quick reply to Landscape

OnePlus 7 Pro Features
Quick reply to Landscape
Quick reply is provided under feature settings >> utility menu. On turning it on, you get to see a floating keyboard with apps like Whatsapp and Instagram, which is very helpful for typing.

19. Hidden space in the app drawer

OnePlus 7 Pro Features
Hidden space in the app drawer
In OnePlus's App Drawer, when you swipe left side, you see a hidden space in which you can keep those applications that you do not want to show to anyone else.

20. RAM Boost and Fantic Gaming Mode

RAM boost is given under the first laboratory option, but this time it is given inside Settings >> System menu. Ram Boost OnePlus makes the device faster using free RAM in phones

OnePlus 7 Pro Features
RAM Boost and Fantic Gaming Mode
Apart from this, there is another performance booster in the form of Fnatic mode which works a bit more than gaming mode. In this mode, the gaming experience is better just by ignoring the essential features.

21. Customize Always-On Display

You do not have a "Always-On" display like Samsung or Huwei in OnePlus, but the Ambient display can be called its closest option. With this you do not have to turn the phone screen on to see the battery or the time.

OnePlus 7 Pro Features
Customize Always-On Display
You can also change the face of the clock that appears in the ambient display.

21 Best Tips and Tricks with OnePlus 7 Pro

All tricks mentioned above are given in the Oxygen OS, which will be very user friendly. Apart from the tips mentioned above, you have been given features such as Knutscape, Face Unlock, in the device. Almost all of these end tricks can be used in OnePlus 7 and also used in older phones based on Oxygen OS.