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Whoever has the world is naz - his birthday is today (16): Omar Khayyam

Omar Khayyam
Omar Khayyam's 971st Birthday
Omar Khayyam's name is quite famous in Persian Ruby. Ruby is a verse of four lines. The world knows this Iranian poet as a good writer. But the other aspect of his personality is that he was also a great mathematician, astronomer and philosopher.

Omar Khayyam was born on May 18, 1048 in a place called Neshpur in Iran and that same life he spent almost full life.

Omar Khayyam did remarkable work on Algebra's theories. He developed some broad methods of resolving the horizontal and high ambient equations. The Binomial Coefficients, for the first time, described it as a triangular form, now known as Pascal Triangle.

He considered the fifth Axiom of Greek mathematician Euclid. Be aware that all theories in Euclid's geometry are proven with the help of five Axioms. These Axioms are considered as self-proven and true truths. But the fifth Axiom in it has been controversial for later mathematicians. According to this axiom, two parallel lines are never found in each other.

Al Hatham first thought that this is not axiom but theorem, which can prove with the help of other Axioms. Gauss gave the theory that the fifth Axiom is found to be true in only a few cases. Omar Khayyam discovered some of the theorems proven by Euclid in which the fifth Axiom was creating a bump. In this way he is the first mathematician to consider the possibilities of Euclid geometry.

The great scientist Omar Khayyam

Khayyam founded Geometric Algebra. In which he presented the geometrical solution of algebraic equations. This involves the solution of the cubic equation by geometric compositions such as hyperbola and circle. He also gave the idea of ​​a comprehensive quadratic equation in Algebra.

While working in astronomy, Omar Khayyam achieved a solar year's distance of six points in the decimal. On this basis, he invented a new calendar. The Iranian government of that time implemented it in the name of Jalali Calendar. This calendar was far more pure than the Gregorian calendar of the present, but it was difficult to calculate. The current Iranian calendar is a standard form of Jalali calendar.

According to some sources, he knew that the earth revolves around its axis, and it is not the center of the universe. Whereas in this year, the connickus reached the conclusion of the Europa in the fifteenth century. However, his theory was rejected by the Europ.

Omar Khayyam's religious faith is controversial. Some of them understand Shia Muslims, some Sufi people, and so many people atheists. But it is certain that he was not satisfied with the religion imposed by mullahs. In many places of his rubies, he has heard the voices of rebellion against him. She was born in Shia Muslim family. However, there is nothing but scientific science.