Mother's Day Shayari 2019 - Happy Mother's Day Shayari in Hindi for Whatsapp Status

Mother's Day Shayari 2019 - Mother's Day Shayari - Happy Mother's Day Shayari in Hindi - 2 Lines Special Shero Shayari for WhatsApp

maa shayari
Mothers day shayari

Everybody is a mother to her mother, for which mother day or Mother's Day has been created separately for all mothers, on the day when all people do something to give their gifts to their mothers or to make them very special. That's why we celebrate this day on the first Sunday of the month of May, that is why this day is happening in the year 2019 on 13th May. For which some of our great shayars have written some of the finest shines above Mother Day, which is very important for you. If you want to know about those sculptures, you can learn the information from here.

Mother’s Day 2 Line Shayari

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In the fire of death tomorrow morning
we meet this two times in the world

Mother and father and master all are God's mercy
, they are in their rightful place.

Raising the hand, I am
not able to pray for my mother.

Always keep away from them, Sahil
, who is praying to your parents every day

Happy Mother Day Shayari

Heavy burden becomes somewhat lightening
when my anxiety increases Mom coming to dream

Bose's wife laughs the eyes of the
children to be arrested in mother's prison in the custody of us

It is said in my dream that every day
we are in this shawl, bowed down to Basida.

Mother's father is the father of the father's dream, has
celebrated his birth day with him today.

It's a debt that I can not afford
to pay in my house until I return home

Mother’s Day Special Shayari

Mother wrote that wherever you go, go happy,
do not forget me, do not forget the house

Perhaps the return of old mother came childhood with
a baby doll

The body is full of light throughout the day but
mother has forgotten her tiredness

I tear off all the books of the day,
only to keep the letter written laughs-e-mom only on paper

Suroor-e-jan-faza gives Agosh-e-Watan the same as everybody is
like a mother to my mother

Mother's Day Shayari

maa ki yaad shayari
Maa poetry

Mothers Day Short Shayari

When I worn the mother's clothes
, the butterfly gave me its color

I cried, in a paradise, the mother's love
affair, sadly talked uninterrupted bin wire

Not even light, neither does the
mother change or even change

In front of the mother, then Allah Allah
, I feel that I am a child now

When the mother called me, she asked me
how dense I was with a branch

Mothers Day Shayari in English

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Sister's love goes with the love of mother
Wafa-e-Dostaan ​​goes with the blessings of Allah-e-Mashaktaq

Were ruined by the pardes but the
mother is all about that son is having fun

When the cold air left the child, the
mother burned the light of her hair at night

Yesterday I saw you in the eyes of the mother,
this mirror does not tell us old age

Whether it is the streets of the city,
it is very nice to walk through the paths of the village, stopping mother's finger

Best Shayari for Mother’s Day

The man who had forgotten to come to the city,
how much did the chef had sold

Everybody believed that death was a panacea and a
mother was still in love with her mother.

I have seen the mirror with moving eyes, I have not seen the paradise, the mother has seen

A boy forget everything in the city's sunshine, give a bright daylight
on the door.

Moments started, mom's
moments started, and we were sleepy.

Urdu Shayari For Mother’s Day

kind of sweethearted mother did my best to my beloved daughters?

Someone came
home in the part or a sore. I was the smallest in the house, mother came in the dead part

Never open mouth before Munavwar mother,
where the foundation is not so good moisture

In this way, she blends my crimes,
mother is very angry and then she weeps

Happy Mother's Day Shayari in Hind

happy mothers day
Mother's day

Mother’s Day Hindi Shayari SMS

Whenever the kayak arrives
in the maelstrom, the mother comes to praying

When the wind came to haunt
me , like a pigeon hid me like the soil like my mother

I do not sleep with a period of time, 'Talish' I said once I am scared

The cries of the parents
were not cheap at the fair.

Mom does not get angry to see me than
the fear that is not the head lap is

Shayari on Mother's Day

Probably the home needs of
Tanveer can give your earnings in the hands of the mother

What is the use of
milk in the Tiflah, the milk of the parents is the training of the can of the government

Is still alive mother, I will not have anything to me
When I leave home, Dada also walks along

Take me in the night like a mother on the night
, the body is breaking down all day long

The baby
fatted on the mat's mat, the mother was boiling the stone all night

Mothers Day Shayari Status

By leaving the book, butterflies tell ghazals,
tiffin holds, my mother smiles as well

Muqadar of out of home children know
that after the paradise in steps of mother

I could not walk anymore,
my darling on my chest was a miri mummy

There are stars
in your favor, then it will be a pane, I love to lick my mother's nod

Today again the mother will beat me, after crying,
has come to the village today.