Mother's Day Quotes 2019- Mothers Day Quotes in Hindi for Whatsapp with Images

Mother's Day Quotes 2019- Mothers Day Quotes in Hindi Font for WhatsApp with Images

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Mothers day quotes
Day of Mother Day is very important for every mother and more important and precious day is for the children who loves more than her mother, she wishes this day to her mother and receives her blessings. Does. On Mother Day many people search the quotes or ideas in different languages ​​on the internet, which they can tell to their mother, so if you want to know the quotes above Mother Day, then through this post we can learn.

Mother’s Day Special Quotes in Hindi

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Mother is a life without life. Every path in the journey is deserted. It is necessary for a mother to be in life. Every difficulty is easy with the prayers of her mother.

Who says that God is one? My mother is also there.

That basta of school, let me rest again, the journey of life seems very difficult to me!

You are home from your house, small sky from your house, you have kept the world. Tha ...... I salute you ... .. !!!!!!

Mothers Day Quotes from Daughter in Hindi

Seeing all the world, but whoever is in your aspect, mother is not anywhere else.

I wish that I should be an angel again, be like a child from a mother like this.

What will be your right to "mother" to me, you are angry, what will happen to me "God"?

Flee all your lives, friends in your mother's room, this is the only love in the world where infidelity is not found.

Mother’s Day Best Quotes in Hindi

There is no master by moving from mother to mother.

The end which does not end there is called asam, where no end is called a mother.

I can forget everything, you do not mother, you are the reason for my smiling only you

By which I consider myself as a fondest, after my Lord, I just know my mother ... !!

Mother’s Day Emotional Quotes in Hindi

Beginning with life and love for mother's face

Just like a mother gets pleasure in taking, feeding, and caressing her baby, in the same way our beloved God loves his dear ones who are fully devoted and hope for their goodness.

What should I write for a mother, mother has made me a lion!

Humans are those who have made him his mother

Mother's Day Special Quotes in Hindi

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Hindi Font Quotes of Mother’s Day

Tired, eyes are closed, but mother sleeps, so worries are there.

The ending is not called 'Asam', in this where there is no end, it is called 'mother'.

Do not sell those two boxes of your box, mother, hunger still does not end in hunger ... !!

If you are a saint then you will become great ', but instead I was a painter and became a Picasso

Mothers Day Quotes Poems in Hindi

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What is the thing that does not get here, everything is available but "mother" does not get.

There are many paths to death, but only "mother" to take birth.

She is never distraught on lobbies, just a mother who is never upset.

I used to walk around the janatan during the night, "I saw my eyes open in the morning" My head was in the steps of Mother.

Best Quotes on Mother’s Day Hindi

Millions of rupees are useless today in front of a rupee, which mother gave at the time of going to school.

In a house where there is no appreciation for the mother, there is no occasion for that house.

Only the mother can think of the future - because she gives birth to her as her children

Winning the heart of your parents will be successful, otherwise you will lose by winning the whole world.

Happy Mother’s Day Hindi Quotes

Take a smiling look at the mother, do not know what Haj has written in luck.

What will be your right to "mother" to me, you are angry, what will happen to me "God"?

Perhaps I am the only mother in America, who knows well what her children are doing all the time

Seeing the darkness, the face became black, the mother opened the eyes and turned bright in the house.

Mother's Day Quotes in Hindi

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Mother Quotes for Mother’s Dayy

Do not say that I live with mother, say we live with mother.

Sweater and clothes are worn by children when mother feels cold

In our society man is earning, the woman has to do a lot in the form of a housewife, wife and mother

Whenever the kayak arrives in my lap, the mother comes in mourning dream.

Quotes on Mothers Day in Hindi

Thank you for your immense contribution to my life.

Mother is the name of love, thousands of salutations to mother, do not give up your life ... come the name of the children.

In a house where there is no appreciation for the mother, there is no occasion for that house.

I could not even give such a dull of earning to my mother, as many coins from her mother used to watch me .. !!

Quotations on Mother’s Day

Whenever I came to take the circle around me, the shadow became the face of the mother in front of me.

Vatican is against the surrogate mother. Well then this was not the rule when Jesus was born.

Every laugh of Jannat had been done, Mother, when you lifted your lap in love!

When there are four pieces of one bread and five eaters, then I am not hungry, it is a person to say - mother!

Quotes for Daughters on Mother’s Day

Motherhood ... is tough ... and also beneficial.

Thousands of notes are needed only now, the fun was the coincidence of a rupee coin from the "mother".

There would not have been any grief in my faith, if the right to write the story would have been to my mother .. !!

She is the mother who knows 9 months more than the world.

Mothers Day Quotes from Daughter in Hindi

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I basically became cheerleader because my mother was very strict She was the way to become a bad girl

The house where the mother is, the things are right

I do not know of any other jannat because we call the movements of mother only as jannat.

Mothers Day Quotes for Mom

One of the most prominent things a father can do for his children is to love his mother.

Whatever I am or hope to have, my credit goes to my mother

Maternity: All love starts from the beginning and ends

Quotes for Aunts on Mother’s Day

A woman equally sacrifices as wife and mother

Surely my mother is my rock

My mother kept my thoughts in such a way that I always used to live in bliss

I got an opportunity to grow up with a mother who taught me to believe in myself

Mother Quotes in Hindi For Facebook

Children are supported by mother's life

It was easier to give birth to tattoos

There is nothing in the world of art as it was in the Lorries who sang Maa

Son will not talk to his mother or else

Quotes on Mother in Hindi with Images

I have full faith that if all the countries have got the mothers then there is no war

A mother's hand is made of softness and the child sleeps deep in it

I did not even come here to break someone's heart. I love doing what I have learned from my mother.

I ask people why they hang on the head walls of the buck. He always says how beautiful he is. That is it. I think my mother is very attractive, but I keep her photo