Essay on Mother's Day - Mother's Day Essay in Hindi - Best Speech on Mothers Day in Hindi

Essay on Mother's Day - Mother's Day Essay in Hindi - Best Speech on Mothers Day in Hindi

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Essay on mother
Mother's day i.e. Mother Day This day is very important in the life of all the people. All people give gifts to please their mother. This day falls on the second Sunday of May every year, so in the year 2019 this day will fall on May 13. For this day, many school class students in schools and colleges are Class 1, Class 2, Class 3, Class 4, Class 5, Class 6, Class 7, Class 8, Class 9, Class 10, Class 11, Class 12 It is said to write essay or essay if you want to know about essay, you can read this post for it.

Speech in Hindi Language on Mother’s Day

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Mother's Day is celebrated every year to honor mother and motherhood.  To celebrate this day, mother is specially invited to her children's schools. With many programs, teachers prepare a lot for Mother's Day. Some students prepare poems in Hindi and English, write essays, some lines of speech in Hindi and English, speeches, etc. On this day the mother goes to school of her children and is involved in this festival.

Teachers and students decorate classrooms together to welcome mothers. These are celebrated in various countries on different methods and days, although in India it is celebrated on the second Sunday of May. The children invite their mother to a special card (made by the children themselves) to come to their school at the right time, and the children give surprise to their mother by giving unexpected gifts.

Mother Day Special Speech in Hindi

Life can not be expected without a mother, if there was no mother, then we would not have existed. In this world, Mother is the easiest word in the world, but in this name Lord Himself dwells.

When the newborn arrives in this world then the most disgusting mother of the newborn is born as if she has found the world's most precious things.

Mother is ready to do anything for her children. This is what happens in human beings only in every kind of creature. If the baby is coming to visit then the mother comes forward first.

Mother is most worried about the future of her children and does not love any child more than mother.

Mother loves more than her child but when it comes to know that the child is walking on the wrong path, then she calls him like a guru and explains it to him, and if needed, then he also puts two hands on it.

There is no one in this world than the mother, and if the mother is not there then this world is equal to the dry desert. Mother should never get hurt.

Mother is such a person who lives with the child in every situation of the child and gives her along the way.

Best Speech on Mothers Day in Hindi

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Essay on Mother in Hindi for Class 7

These words "mother" are very precious. Mother is not only the word but the basis of our living. It is very difficult to live without a mother's life. Until morning when you do not hear your voice, it seems that it has not happened in the morning or it seems that today is Sunday.

Thinking that there is a bigger angle in the mother and God, I fall into the big conscience, in one's life, a mother is the best and most important, because no one can be as real and real as she is. Mother always lives together in our good and bad times.

For children, their children are very expensive. More than others in his life, he always takes care of us and loves us. In our life, he gives us first priority and burns hope light in our bad times.

The day we are born is the mother who really gets very happy. He cooperates with us in every and every affair and tries to solve all our problem.

I have not been able to know till date that how my mother knows what is going on in my mind, the relationship between mother and children is very precious which can never end. No mother ever reduces her love and upbringing.

You always stay with me, do not leave me anywhere and do not go away.

Mother Day Speech in School in Hindi

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A mother is the best friend of every one because she takes care of everything that we need. Therefore, thanks to him and respect, one day of the year has been dedicated, which we celebrate every year as Mother's Day. We can not live without the love and care of our mother. She takes great care of us, she is very happy when we laugh and she becomes very sad when we cry. Mother in this world is the only person who never leaves us alone. Mother is completely loyal to her children.

Mother's Day is celebrated on the second Sunday of May every year in India. To celebrate this day everyone at home is together and enjoys fun dishes by going out at home or outside. All members of the family give gifts to mother and give a lot of greetings. For us mother is present everywhere all the time. By taking our birth to his last moment, he takes care of us as a small child. We can not calculate their contributions in our lives. Even we can not count the activities from their morning to night.

Mother has many responsibilities, she constantly keeps her busy and tired. He is the only person whose job is free of unlimited time and work. We can not refund anything to them instead of their contribution, although we can call them a big thanks and at the same time, keep them in meditation with respect. We should give our mother love and respect and she must obey everything.

Mother’s Day Essay in Hindi

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Short Essay on Mother Day in Hindii

Mother's day is a day that every child celebrates for his mother, especially. It is celebrated on the second Sunday of May every year as an important festival. It is the practice of celebrating Mother's Day with children in schools. Receives mother greeting cards, special cards and other special gifts from your children. On this day, family members go out and take pleasure in luxury dishes and celebrate their happiness. Mother also gives a lot of love and gifts and care to her beloved children.

Children are invited to come to school, especially to their mother, where teachers, children and mothers celebrate Mother's Day very well. Mother makes some special dishes such as macrons, choumins, desserts, biscuits etc., according to her choice for her children. To celebrate this day with complete joy, both mother and child participate in activities like dance, singing, speech etc. Children participate in programs related to Mother's Day such as singing, dance, speech, rhyme lectures, essay writing and oral conversations. A special dish made by mothers is given to teachers and students at the conclusion of the festival. All eat it together and enjoy it.

Mother’s day Speech in Hindi

Good morning, respected principal teacher, teacher guns and my colleagues, today (I can say my name instead of you, tell your class also) have been presented before you all for speaking an essay on Mother's Day.

My mother's name (.........), she (....) Is of the year, the person who loves me the most in this world is none other than my mother. "That's nice and sweetest".

In our house my mother is the one who gets up every morning, and then I tell you. Let me tell you now, how do they do all the work, they take care of me.

My mother keeps the attention of all the people present in the house, my mother also cares about every small thing of grandparents, papa, my sister, my brother and my younger sister.

Often I have heard the grandmother saying that - My mother is the Lakshmi of our house, even in my heart God has a similar recognition for Mother. For this reason, I believe most of the words I spoke to my mother.

Often I have found my mother helping the poor and the sick and she teaches me all this too. All people praise him for his simple and straightforward attitude.

Whenever I make a mistake then the mother does not scold me, but she understands me with love. And that's why he is also my best friend.

Whenever I am sad, my mother brings smiles on my fuzzy face. I do not know how but he understands all my sorrows, I forget all his sorrows after finding his love and affectionate touch.

My mother is an ideal person, she always teaches me to walk on the path of truth. It tells the importance of time to teach all the sacraments. I have no hesitation in saying that my mother Mamta's goddess is like she tells me good things.

I have heard from my grandmother that a mother is a gift given by God to us, in whose shadow we feel secure ourselves. I love my mother very much and I want to thank God with my heart that she gave me the best mother of the world. I love you maa

Thanks to all of you, who have been sitting so calmly listening to my voice.