Indian Lok Sabha Election Results 2019: How to Check Election Result Online Live

Lok Sabha Election 2019: Where to see the results of the election first

Indian Elections 2019
Live Election Results 2019
The biggest festival of Indian politics has ended with the voting of its last phase on 19th of the Lok Sabha elections. Result of Lok Sabha elections 2019 will be announced tomorrow at 8 a.m. on May 23. All the news channels have given the survey of trends before the results of yesterday's results, but the real results will be known only by tomorrow evening.

Electoral Commission Lok Sabha will also start counting Voto for 542 seats from 8:00 AM tomorrow.

The beginning of counting of votes will be the first to count ballot votes and the votes of the government people giving duty in the election. In the first election, VVPT machines have been used along with EVM machine, so with EVM counting, the paper-slip of the VVPT machine will also be matched, so the result can always be a bit late.

This time, the number of votes also comes first in the number of votes. In the Lok Sabha elections of 2019, 67% of the 99.99 crore registered voters have used their voting rights.

Live Election Results 2019
Indian Elections 2019

How to see the Live Element result?

1. Election Commission has created a separate site for real-time election updates. The live trends and results of the Election 2019 can be seen from 8 am on .

2. Downloading the official application of the Election Commission by downloading it from Google Play store and Apple App Store , you can easily see live results.

Real-time Lok Sabha elections 2019 Trends and results

For now, we would suggest that before you spread any kind of Fake News, you check it out and avoid spreading rumors. Apart from this you can easily discuss the result with the convenience of seeing it from any place and wish for the person's wish to win.