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Parashuram Jayanti Images 2019
Parashuram Jayanti Images
The day of Parshuram Jayanti is a very happy day for the Brahmins of Hindu religion, because Brahmins worship the Lord Parshurama. Lord Parashuram himself was the sixth incarnation of Lord Vishnu according to the Hindu calendar, who was born on the third date of the Shukla party of Baisakh month. That's why we tell you some great images, wallpapers, photos in the celebration of Lord Parashuram Jayanti, which is very important for you, you can share these images with your friends on WhatsApp and Facebook.
fJai Parashuram

Parshuram Jayanti HD Image

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Let's celebrate Parshuram's birth anniversary
with the name of Lord,
chanting the praises of Lord Ashish, chanting his name,
Jai Parashuram

Parshuram Jayanti Images Quotes 
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Parshuram Jayanti Pic

O Pandits, pick up the rudder flowing through the ocean,
only 100 out of seven lakhs take up arms,
visiting the enemy's chest and going straight up, you will
become Parashur only for a few days.

Parashuram Jayanti 2019
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Parashuram Jayanti wishes
Parashuram Jayanti 2019

Images of Parshuram Jayanti

There is some intoxicants, "Kesariya" has 🚩
some intoxication of the "Motherland" 🚩
will give a glimpse of the "saffron" in whole "India" because 🚩
this nasha "Shree Parashurama"

Parashuram Jayanti Image
Parashuram Jayanti Photo

Bhagwan Parashuram

Parshuram Jayanti Poster

The evidence of Ram from Hindus will continue to be asked
till he becomes a Ram,
the day Parshuram becomes,
Babar's children will also speak jashashiram

Parashuram Ji
Parashuram Jayanti Poster

Parashuram Jayanti Wallpaper

Parshuram Jayanti HD Wallpaper

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Breeds of lioness, do not create jackal,
the mother of the Brahmin does not produce traitor,
listen to the world!
With the power of the wolves, the cheetahs do not die and
Parashuram's junkies do not scare anyone ...

Parashuram Jayanti shayari
Parashuram Jayanti Quotes

Jai Parashuram
Jay Parashuram

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Brahmin ", then the results change
, all the changes, all the consequences change,
who says Parashuram does not arise again ..?
It is only born that the name changes.

Parashuram Jayanti 2019
Parashuram Jayanti

Happy Parashuram Jayanti
Parashuram Jayanti 2019

Bhagwan Parshuram Photo Gallery

Parshuram symbolizes love
Ram symbolizes the eternal truths of
the Parshuram means
power factor and true holder
heartfelt greetings Parshuram Jayanti

Parashuram Jayanti Images
Parashuram Jayanti Image

Parashuram Jayanti Photos
Parashuram Jayanti Photo

Parshuram Jayanti HD Pics

He is the master, he
goes to the distance between Karan and brings death to
the whole world, who
also made the water of nectar
Happy Parashuram Jayanti

Parashuram Jayanti Wishes
Jai Parashuram