Mother's Day 2019 - Mother's Day Status in Hindi Language for Whatsapp & Facebook

Mother's Day 2019 - Mother's Day Status in Hindi Language for Whatsapp & Facebook

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Mother's Day is Mother's Day This day is very special for all people. This day will be celebrated on the 12th of May in 2019. On this day all people give some great gift to their mother or do something that makes them very happy Yes. That's why we tell you the Status for Whatsapp and Facebook for Mother Day, the status you can put on your Whitespace Story, you can share it with your friends.

Mother Day Whatsapp Status

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Seeing all the world, but whoever is in your aspect, mother is not anywhere else.

Mother is a life without life. Every path in the journey is deserted. It is necessary for a mother to be in life. Every difficulty is easy with the prayers of her mother.

What will be your right to "mother" to me, you are angry, what will happen to me "God"?

There are many paths to death, but only "mother" to take birth.

Mother’s Day Status for WhatsApp

Take a smiling look at the mother, do not know what Haj has written in luck.

In a house where there is no appreciation for the mother, there is no occasion for that house.

Thank you for your immense contribution to my life.

She is never distraught on lobbies, just a mother who is never upset.

Happy Mother Day Status in Hindi

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Seeing the darkness, the face became black, the mother opened the eyes and turned bright in the house.

Friends, do not have any home without mother .. and mother is never homeless from that house

I used to walk around the janatan during the night, "I saw my eyes open in the morning" My head was in the steps of Mother.

Every laugh of Jannat had been done, Mother, when you lifted your lap in love!

Mother's Day Status in Hindi Language for Whatsapp

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Happy mothers day

Whatsapp Status for Mother’s Dayy

Whenever the kayak arrives in my lap, the mother comes in mourning dream.

Whenever I came to take the circle around me, the shadow became the face of the mother in front of me.

Winning the heart of your parents will be successful, otherwise you will lose by winning the whole world.

Mother is the name of love, thousands of salutations to mother, do not give up your life ... come the name of the children.

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The end which does not end there is called asam, where no end is called a mother.

Flee all your lives, friends in your mother's room, this is the only love in the world where infidelity is not found.

I wish that I should be an angel again, be like a child from a mother like this.

The ending is not called 'Asam', in this where there is no end, it is called 'mother'.

Whatsapp Status on Mother’s Day

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Do not say that I live with mother, say we live with mother.

Friends, you must have been successful today .. but lakhs of rupees are worthless today in front of a rupee who gave birth at the time of going to school

You are home from your house, small sky from your house, you have kept the world. Tha ...... I salute you ... .. !!!!!!

Tired, eyes are closed, but mother sleeps, so worries are there.

Mother's Day Status for WhatsApp

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Happy mother day whatsapp status

Mothers Day Status Update

I did not even come here to break someone's heart. I love doing what I have learned from my mother.

I do not know of any other jannat because we call the movements of mother only as jannat.

When there are four pieces of one bread and five eaters, then I am not hungry, it is a person to say - mother!

What should I write for a mother, mother has made me a lion!

Whatsapp Status of Mother Day

By which I consider myself as a fondest, after my Lord, I just know my mother ...!

What will be your right to "mother" to me, you are angry, what will happen to me "God"?

After the day's work> Papa asked how much he earned .. son asked what did .. asked how much saved .. and mother asked son to eat something

It was the first time you were speaking to your first voice, Mother was silent on your voice today.

Mother’s Day Special Status for Facebook

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Do not sell those two boxes of your box, mother, hunger still does not end in hunger ... !!

I could not even give such wealth of income to my mother, as many coins from her mother used to watch me .. !!

What is the thing that does not get here, everything is available but "mother" does not get.

That basta of school, let me rest again, the journey of life seems very difficult to me!

Mother Day Whatsapp Status

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Mothers day status

Mother Day Status in Whatsapp

Friends, you will never be able to give so much wealth to your mother, as much money as you used to earn money from your mother.

In a house where there is no appreciation for the mother, there is no occasion for that house.

There would not have been any grief in my faith, if the right to write the story would have been to my mother .. !!

A mother can keep her 12 children. And she can not afford a 12 screwed mother

Mother’s Day Status for Mom

Thousands of notes are needed only now, the fun was the coincidence of a rupee coin from the "mother".

I can forget everything, you do not mother, you are the reason for my smiling only you

Thousands of flowers should make a wreath .. Thousands of lamps should be used for decorating the aarti .. Thousands of buoys should be made to make an ocean. But the mother alone is enough to make my house a paradise.

Millions of rupees are useless today in front of a rupee, which mother gave at the time of going to school.

Mothers Day Status n Quotes

Thousands of notes only fulfill the requirement. It is a real coincidence that it is a rupee coin of mother's hands.

Who says that God is one? My mother is also there.

The end which does not end there is called asam. The love which is not end in this world is called a mother

The floor is very far and the journey is too much .. It is small but this life is a lot of worrying. When the world is destroyed by me, it is the effect of mother's duaa.