Happy Lord Parashuram Jayanti 2019 - Happy Parshuram Jayanti Wishes in Hindi - Messages, SMS, Text, Badhai Messages for Whatsapp

Wishes of Lord Parashuram Jayanti 2019 - Happy Parshuram Jayanti Wishes in Hindi - Messages, SMS, Text, Badhai Messages for Whatsapp
Parshuram Jayanti
Parshuram Jayanti Wishes

Lord Parashuram, who was the sixth incarnation of Lord Vishnu, was a monk of Treta era. He is given great importance by the Brahmins in Hinduism. Parshuram ji had a light scarce received by Shiva, so that he had destroyed the entire rebuttal of Rajputa. On the auspicious occasion of Parshuram Jayanti, we show you the good wishes of Parashuram Jayanti, congratulatory messages, Parashuram Jayanti, Best wishes for messages, SMS and messages which is very important for you, with the help of which you can send that message to your friends and wish this day good luck. Can give.

Parshuram Jayanti Messages in Hindi

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Shotgun 🔫is the age of the
sword 🔪is sitting by putting on Myann.
Otherwise you did not cut the 🚔kilometers from
the bike 🚥,
so our ancestors 👥have 😂cut off!
Jai Dada Parashuram.!

The pride of Ravana and the power of Parasurama ..
Both run in our rugs.
We are the
Brahminwas that is .. Ravan never bowed down
... and Parashuram never stopped ... ..

Breeds of lioness, do not create jackal,
the mother of the Brahmin does not produce traitor,
listen to the world!
With the power of the wolves, the cheetahs do not die and
Parashuram's junkies do not scare anyone ...

O Pandits, they raise the hull flowing through the ocean,
only 100 out of seven lakhs take up arms,
going to the chest of the enemy, go straight to you, you will
become Parshuram only for a few days.

Parashuram's fasza should be shining once,
where Ram was born, the same temple should be made
Jai Shri Ram
Jai Shri Parasuram

Parshuram Jayanti SMS in Hindi

!! Shriram is cool !!
!! Parasuram is flashed when it flares !!
!! Jai Shree Ram !!
!! Jai Shree Parasurama !!

Arms and science are both useful
are teaching the same lessons we Yogi
Jai Shri Parshuram
Parshuram heartfelt greetings Jubilee

Ravana 👿's staunch followers 
grandfather 🚩Parshuram 🚩Fan 
and Kadey Bidke 👀Deklyon 
h be Baham in heart🔫

This Pandit does not want to be hit.
Parshuram should
make such a dada so sure that ... ..
my friends say that the chest is ...
this Pandit yar
hai apna yaar ja dada parasuram

Jai Parashuram Desi Chhora 
👉Sunam Mane Kukarai Bhaka ... 
How many lies have been uttered by four 
silky 🔫words ... .. You will see 
👉that you are going to shoot ... .. You can not believe it.

Parshuram Jayanti Status
Parshuram Jayanti Images

Parshuram Jayanti Greeting Cards

Someone will always tell us why we are silent in Hindu ... ..?
Just now, not much else, but you are wise, do
not be Ram Parshuram

Parshuram symbolizes love
Ram symbolizes the eternal truths of
the Parshuram means
power factor and true holder
heartfelt greetings Parshuram Jayanti

Let's celebrate Parasuram with Jayanti
pray to the Lord, chanting with praise from Lord Ashish, His name is
Jai Parshuram
Happy Parshuram Jayanti

The evidence of Ram from Hindus will continue to be asked
till he becomes a Ram,
the day Parshuram becomes,
Babar's children will also speak jashashiram

Parashuram Chap Shr
Kar in Raje Brahmsutra Gala Mall, Viraje
Mangalumu Shubh Chhobi, Hari Pareshuram Jayanti
of Sri Parashu Ram of Aarti

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☺Do not 👀see the twisted twisted twins,, 
in this heart , parasuram is settled, The path is different,
my destination is different ;, you have to settle the 
home of happiness, 
and , bring me back the Brahminaraja ,,,,🔫💪🔫

Ember is not steal. We are
the descendants of Parashuram
. We are the cheetahs of Brahmin descent
who live on their own liver.

Many Hindus now become Ram
, the time has come for Parshuram to become, the
house will be saffron, and Ram Raj will come again.

Brahmin ", then the results change
, all the changes, all the consequences change,
who says Parashuram does not arise again ..?
It is only born that the name changes.

When the Brahmins change, the results change
, all the changes, all the consequences are changed,
who says, Parashuram does not arise again, it is
born, only the name changes.
Parshuram Jayanti 2019
Parshuram Jayanti Greetings

Parshuram Jayanti Quotes Messages Image WhatsApp Facebook

Son of Mahakal. Becoming Parshuram 😠Do Majbur 
else .. Itne Sir Katuga 
Jnnt Magne members drain also Gine selected 💪will 
be destined to the same 
seism then Ruta Baman 😠will come ✊✊💪💪 
hail Mahakala

Some addicts "saffron" of these 🚩 
few addicts "homeland" Pride 🚩 
because'll hoist "saffron" whole "India" 🚩
 is the drug "respected Mr. Parshuram" 
Jai Shri Parshuram

He is the master, he
goes to the distance between Karan and brings death to
the whole world, who
also made the water of nectar
Happy Parashuram Jayanti

Parasuram Chap Shar
Kare Raje, Brahmasutra Gala Mal Vrajeye,
Mangalya Shubhash Chhobi Lalam Ki,
Aarti Ki Shree Parasuram!
Jai Shri Parasuram
Jai Jai Shri Ram

Deserts also become green,
when "Apno" stands with
Brahmin Ekta Zindabad
Jay Parashuram

Lord Parshuram Jayanti Wishes SMS In Hindi

Parshuram 💪⇏nara of 🗣felt 👉we
➫dunia 🌎were ➙chha in ... * _hmare ➦
enemy 👿😈also ➩cupakr 😮said 🗣they ☝look 👀
Parshuram 💪➧bkt to 🎅come ....

If Ram is turned straight then Parashuram gets overturned.
This is the identity of Hindutva.

🐅Total lions I Mhara_jnm Hoya, 
💪not shrink Mhara behind 
💪 📚Mahagyani was Mhara 🤴🏽grandfather lankesh, 
and Parshuram ⚒as an Anonymous 

⛏Listen to Dada Parashuram's fighters, ⛏ 
⛏pick up the swords, ⛏ 
⚒⚒Jai Parashuram⚒⚒ 

The lion's total, I have become dead, it is 
💪not my job to retreat, 
💪 📚there is no name like 🤴🏽Mahavani, Mharna 
and Parashurama . Brahmin_share JÃÌ.ĐÃĐÃ P. 
Rúsa S. M.⚒