World malaria day : Some Amazing Facts and Malaria Symptoms

World malaria day

  • Every year millions of people in the world lose their lives from malaria.
  • Every year on April 25, the World Malaria Day is celebrated.
  • Children are more prey to this disease.
    malaria symptoms
    World malaria day
Every day has a significance. Whether it is a day of happiness or sadness. When it comes to the day of development of the world, what is the point of saying? World Malaria Day is the day that was first celebrated on April 25, 2008. The purpose of UNICEF to celebrate this day was to focus the public's attention. On the disease like malaria, which causes millions of people die each year. On this issue, the World Health Organization says that many programs can be saved by running malaria control programs. World Health Organization says that many programs can be saved by running a malaria control program. Let's know some more interesting things related to Malaria Day. Let's know some more interesting things related to Malaria Day.

World Malaria Day

April 25 World Malaria Day is the day when all efforts to take effective steps. To eradicate malaria were given green signal. At the same time, initiatives have been taken. To make the public aware of malaria and to attract people's attention to the disease.
malaria symptoms
Malaria symptoms
Malaria has become the epidemic of the whole world. Especially in developing countries, malaria has emerged as a result of death for many patients. Many lakhs of people lose their lives every year in this disease spreading through mosquitoes. Proteoguan Plasmodium, a germ is spread through female anopheles mosquito. These mosquitoes also work to spread insect from one infected person to another.

Unicef ​​has to say about malaria and in other countries. Including Africa, more measures will be taken to stop the deaths due to mosquitoes. Apart from this, more access to such areas of rural and poor people. Where malaria has taken the form of a major threat. According to UNICEF, malaria can easily be overcome, it is necessary that the world is united against malaria.

Malaria Wikipedia

Malaria is a global public health problem. World Health Organization says that every year due to malaria. The world is being celebrated as World Malaria Day on 25th April. To draw attention of people towards deaths in the world.

It is worth noting that for the last several years, the World Health Organization (WHO). Celebrated this day as Africa's Malaria Day. But it has been made a global event to raise awareness among the rest of the world.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO) data, about 500 million people suffer from malaria every year in the world. In which about 27 lakh patients do not survive, of which half children are less than five years old.

Mosquito is the only carrier of malaria germs. The germ spreads like a parasite in the mosquito's body. And reaches the human body with its saliva on mosquito bites. The germ is only a cell called a plasmodium.

Types Of Malaria Diseases
According to the type of germ, there are three main types of malaria - malaria tarsiana, quartana and tropica. The most dangerous of these is the malaria tropica. Which spreads through a pandemic called P. falciparum and spreads all around India.

Malaria Symptoms
It may take up to 7 to 40 days depending on the type of germ of malaria infection and spreading disease. In the early stages of malaria, symptoms like colds or stomach disorders appear. After some time there may be pain in the head, body and joint, cold fever, pulse swelling, nausea, vomiting or thin diarrhea etc. looks like. But when the fever suddenly increases for 3-4 hours and suddenly goes away, it is considered to be the most dangerous condition of malaria.