World Health Day : 50% of Indian food are unbalanced

World Health Day / Spain is the most healthful country, people take mediterranean diet; 50% of Indian food unbalanced

  • The government, spending Rs 650 every day on the health of every citizen in Spain, in India only Rs 4.50
  • According to the Ministry of Health, 37% of Indian women eat only green vegetables once a week
  • According to WHO, average age of Indians is 67.4 years, the average age of people in Spain is 82.28 years
  • World Health Day
    World Health Day

The people of Spain who have a population of nearly four and a half million people are the most healthy. In the Bloomberg report recently, Spain was considered to be the world's most healthy country. Researchers considered the habit of catering people of Spain as the most healthy country in Spain. They believe that people here eat less fat and carbohydrate food, so they are more healthy. In the list of 169 countries, India was at 120th place in health. The reason for this is that the food of 50% Indians is unbalanced and the government also spends little on the health of every citizen. On April 7, on the occasion of World Health Day, the Bhaskar Plus App is telling you about the difference between Mediterranean diet and Indian diet.
The reason for the health of the people of Spain is because of Mediterranean diet
Most people in Mediterranean countries take mediterranean diets. This is also the reason for Spain being the most healthful country. People in Spain add olive oil and nuts to their food. Apart from this, potato starch items, fruit vegetables, whole grains, dried fruits, including bread, rice and peels, are also included in this diet. Experts also consider Mediterranean diet better than Low-Fat Diet. Taking this diet reduces the risk of breast cancer, heart attack and brain stroke to a great extent. This can prevent obesity.

The target of reducing weight of 1 million kg
was increasing the weight of residents of Naron, northwestern Spain. Last year a campaign was launched there. In this, appealing to people to take healthy diets as well as exercise. In this campaign 39,426 residents of Narron joined. Doctors have set a target of reducing the total weight of all the people to 1 lakh kg in two years. That is, every citizen has to lose weight of at least 2.5 kg.

10 most healthy countries
CountryHealth gradeHealth score

Spain v / s India: How much does the government spend per day per person?  
According to the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), in 2017, the Spanish government was spending $ 3,370 (about $ 2,3,300) per person's health every year, while the National Health Profiles of the Ministry of Health of India According to the report, the Government of India spent only 1657 rupees in per person's health in 2017-18. Accordingly, the Spanish government spends around Rs 650 daily on the health of every citizen, whereas the Indian government spends only 4.50 rupees on health of every citizen. America is at the forefront in this matter. America spends more than $ 10,000 every year on the health of every citizen, but despite the fact that he lives on the list of the most healthy countries, he is ranked 35th on the list of most healthy countries.

50% Indians take unbalanced diets
, according to a survey of women more unhealthy health ministry, about 50% Indians take unbalanced diets. According to the National Family Health Survey 2015-16, only 47% of the women in India eat green vegetables daily. 37% of women eat green vegetables a week in just one day. It was revealed in the survey that 45% of women can take lentils, milk and curd every day, whereas once a week women who eat them are 23%. Similarly, only 25% of women consumed dairy products sometimes, whereas 7% are those who have never eat milk-curd in their life.

Indians live 15 years more than the Spanish
World Health Organization's 2016 data, the average age of Indians is 67.4 years. At the same time, the average age of Spanish citizens is 82.28 years. That is, Spanish, Indians live more than 14 years. According to WHO, the median age of men in Spain is 79.42 years and the average age of women is 85.05 years. While the average age of men in India is 66.13 years and women's 68.93 years. At the same time, the United Nations estimates that by 2040, the average age of citizens of Spain will increase to 86 years, the highest in the world. At present, Japanese citizens have the highest 83.74 years.
Mediterranean DietIndian diet
FatLow Fat Products, Olive OilButter, ghee, oil, nuts.
ProteinFish, sea food, vegetables Paneer, milk, milk products, seeds, nuts, eggs, soya products.
Vitamins and mineralsTomatoes, eggs, white fish, mushrooms, nuts, spinach, chicken, rice, red meat.Oranges, green vegetables, apples, tomatoes, amla, egg, milk products, soya products, fruits

Bhaskar Knowledge: What is Mediterranean Diet? 
Dietistian meritorious Gautam explains that those who live near coastal areas take medicarean diets. In it, whole grains are taken in addition to seafood. People living in such areas take very little amount of carbohydrate in their food, whereas proteins take more quantity. It includes green vegetables as well as fish.

How can Indians take such a diet? 
Modhavi says that in India, people living in Mediterranean areas can take it but it is difficult for people living in other areas to take this diet. Instead of seafood we can take pulses, soybean pulses. Take green vegetables, take soy milk. They said that there is Omega 3 in the Mediterranean diet, for which we can eat more than whole grains and take the place of fish instead of the loincloth. Whole grains are taken in Mediterranean diet, while Indian mangoes take more grains. We take high amounts of carbohydrates. Our vegetable is potato in every vegetable, while people taking Mediterranean diets take a very low amount of carbohydrate. This does not increase their weight. 

What are some things we should avoid? 
Modhavi says that we should avoid eating Samosa-Kachouri because there are low-fatty acids which are dangerous for heart health. We should take low sugar food to keep sugar level control. Apart from this, green tea should be replaced instead of drinking tea again and again.

What should be the right eating pattern to stay healthy? 
About this, the brilliant believes that we should distribute the food of the day in many parts. We can keep ourselves healthy by eating food in a little while. Most people eat in the morning and then eat directly at night. Whereas, we should not eat anything every two hours. This not only increases our energy level but also keeps the sugar level in control