World Book Day 2019 - World Book Day

World Book Day is also known by this name:

  • World Book Day and Publications Day
  • World book day
  • International day of books
World Book Day 2019

The World Book Day 2019 will be celebrated all over the world on Tuesday, 23rd of April.

What is World Book Day
World Book Day is an annual event celebrated by people all over the world on April 23. This is a very important program organized by UNESCO annually to promote reading, publishing and publishing among people all over the world. Instead of celebrating it on April 23, it is celebrated on the first Thursday of March in the United Kingdom. World Book Day was started by UNESCO for the first time on April 23, 1995.

Generally, it is celebrated by the author, painter to encourage reading among the common people. This is a world-class celebration for reading more books and is celebrated in more than 100 countries.
World Book Day 2019
World Book Day
History of World Book Day
There are many stories behind celebrating World Book Day on an international basis on an international scale worldwide. In order to pay homage to the most famous writer named Miguel de Sarvants, the relationship between World Book Day and Books was established in 1923, for the first time in the year 23, in the year 1923, by those who sold various booklets in Spain. This day is the death anniversary of Miguel de Sarvants.

In order to celebrate World Book Day and Publishers Day, the exact date of World Book Day was first established by UNESCO in 1995. According to the Gregorian calendar, the birth and death anniversary of William Shakespeare, Vladimir Nabokov, Memuel Sezia Vallejo, Miguel de Sarvants (died April 22 and buried on April 23) was decided by UNESCO to celebrate it on April 23. , Birth anniversary of Joseph Pla, Inca Guarilasso de la Vega, and birth anniversary of Manuel Vallejo, Maurice Drunon and Holloder Laxnes.

How is the world book celebrated
Anyone can join the celebration of World Book Day by buying and reading some funny and interesting books from the market or famous bookstores, where all the books are based on a brand, character or author. In order to know about the writers and other important things, the World Book Day plays a big role in bringing children closer to reading habits as well as creating curiosity.

It is easy to promote the habit of reading among the children, using the copyright to publish intellectual property and keep it safe by UNESCO around the world. April 23 is a significant date for world literature as 23 April 1616 was the anniversary of the death of many great personalities.

This date was announced by UNESCO to draw attention of people all over the world to pay tributes to books and writers. Besides generating new ideas for their special contribution towards the social and cultural development of the people and the country, it encourages the common people, especially young people, to discover real happiness and knowledge among books and to read books. By giving a rose on every book to the customer, they will be encouraged to read books and feel honored.

World books and copyright days are typically celebrated by teachers, writers, publishers, librarians, all private and governmental educational institutions, NGOs, working groups, mass media etc. Various types of programs are organized internationally by UNESCO National Council, UNESCO Club, Central Institute, Library, School and other educational institutions.

People of the working group encourage in order to subscribe to the library to receive the collection of the latest books written by famous writers. Various activities, such as visual arts, drama, workshop program, can be more helpful in encouraging people.

Importance of the World Book Day
In the General Assembly, the date of World Book Day celebrations by UNESCO was fixed which was kept in Paris in 1995. Interested people from more than 100 countries, affiliate organizations, universities, schools, government or professional groups, private business etc. The World Book Day and Copywrights Day festival attracts people from all continents and cultural backgrounds around the world. This enables people to discover new ideas and spread their knowledge. Books are heritage treasures, culture, window of knowledge, instruments for communication, source of prosperity etc.

The World Book Day and the Copyright Day Celebration has inspired many professional organizations from different countries and has received assistance from UNESCO. Every year UNESCO's Worldwide Member States celebrates this program to spread the different types of culture to other people as well as to promote the power of books among people. These days are celebrated with the people living in the deprived part of the facility as well as promoting education among young people.

On this day, some youths, including children, are rewarded for their excellent work, for understanding and respect among each other for novel, short stories or peace-loving picture books, generosity, other culture and tradition. A different poster based on the special theme of the year is designed every year and is distributed among the people all over the world. Posters are designed in such a way that to encourage people and children to read more books.

World Book Day Theme

  • In the year 2018, "Reading is my right" for the World Book Day.
  • The theme of World Book Day 2015 was "Read the world."
  • The theme of World Book Day 2014 was "Be Sharper-Reading Books."
  • The theme of World Book Day 2013 was "Reading; Protection of intellectual property by publication and copyright. "
  • The theme of World Book Day 2012 was "Books and translations."
  • The theme of World Book Day 2011 was "Development of book creation, from writing to digital".
  • The theme of the World Book Day 2010 was "International Year for the Cultural Melody."
  • The World Book Day 2009 theme was "Developing Quality Education and Publishing and Human Rights."
  • The theme of World Book Day 2008 was "International Year of Language."
  • The theme of the World Book Day 2007 was "The Idea of ​​Learning."
  • The theme of World Book Day 2006 was "Literacy transforms lives."
  • The theme of World Book Day 2005 was "The study is for ever."
  • The theme of World Book Day 2004 was "Reading; A continuous journey. "
  • The theme for World Book Day 2003 was "Friends for Life."
  • The theme of World Book Day 2001 was "hours of happiness."
  • The theme of World Book Day 1999 was "Give a book."
  • The theme of World Book Day 1998 was "Reading is cool breeze."

Statement on World Book Day

  • "The first chapter in the book of wisdom is sincerity." - Thomas Jefferson
  • "The things I want to know are in books; My ultimate friend will be a man who will give me the book which I have not read. "- Abraham Lincoln
  • "You can not bring a cup of enough tea, or a long book covering me." - C. S. Lewis
  • "Separated from a dog, a book is the closest friend of a person. It is very dark to read inside a dog. "- Groocho Marx
  • "Any book that is a habit of reading a child, making one of your deepest and consistent need to read, is good for that." - Maya Angelou
  • "Normally a book does not have any order, and the reader will have to find it himself." - Mark Twain
  • "There is no end to education. It is not that you are getting a book, to pass the exam, and education will end. Throughout life, from the moment when you were born and those moments when you die, there is a process of learning. "- Jiddu Krishnamurti
  • "If someone can not delight reading a book again and again, then there is no use to complete it." - Oscar Wilde
  • "There is no such thing as a moral and immoral book. Books are either written well or bad. "- Oscar Wilde
  • "I'm feeling humiliated to say that, America, sales of a book can be a question of inquiry, and even criminal inquiry." - Thomas Jefferson
  • "A book is a world, it does not travel which only reads a page." - St. Augustine
  • "You can not open a book without learning anything." - Confucius
  • "Books Constitute Capital. The book of a library is as durable as a home, for hundreds of years. These are not just the use of the material but the capital adequacy, and in the case of a professional human being, traveling in life, this is his only capital. "- Thomas Jefferson
  • "It's my ambition that I say in 10 sentences that people say in the entire book." - Friedrich Nietzsche
  • "I am writing a book. I have completed the page number. "- Steven Wright
  • "Every burnt book illuminates the world." - Ralph Waldo Emerson
  • "Book seller should be respected because he brings for our attention, as a rule, we need the most of the true book and the most neglected." - Confucius
  • "The one who has made himself wise is one who has created a book." - Benjamin Franklin
  • "I get televised education a lot. Every time someone launches, I go to another room and read a book. "- Grocho Marx
  • "There is no one friendly friend from a book." - Arnest Hemingway
  • "Do not forget to eat if you have to, but do not forget a book." - Jim Ron
  • "The book you do not read does not help you." - Jim Ron
  • "Every book is a book of children if the child can read." - Mitch Hadberg
  • "I can say to you, honest friend, what is to trust: trust in life; That book or the speaker teaches it better. "- Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
  • "For us, the book is an ax for a frozen sea." - Franz Kafka
  • "A book is a good companion. This is completely full of dialogue without catharticity. It comes to your wish with full instructions, but you never follow. "- Henry Ward Beecher
  • "I've read many unknown books and it's great to open a book." - Bill Gates
  • "This is a great thing among a hungry person who wants to read a book and a tired man who wants a book to read." - Gilbert's Chesterton
  • "A book is never a masterpiece: it is made of one. The talent of a dead person is the talent. "- Karl Sandberg
  • "The hungry person reaches the book: it's a weapon." - Bertolt Brech
  • "A book is a garden, a garden, a storehouse, a party, but a companion, a counselor, a bunch of counselors." - Charles Baudelaire
  • "Eliminating a book is like leaving a good friend." - William Feather