Confrontation with Rajasthan Today - Will the Delhi team win 7th?

Confrontation with Rajasthan Today - Will the Delhi team win 7th?
rajasthan royals vs delhi
Rajasthan Royals vs Delhi
Rajasthan Royals and Delhi Capitals are in the 40 th league match of the IPL. # IPL2019 #RR #DC

IPL The 40th league match of the tournament will be held at Jaipur today at 8pm.

Rajasthan Royals and Delhi capitals are in trouble.

The Rajasthan Royals are in the 7 th place with 6 points and 6 points respectively.

The team had defeated Mumbai Indians 2 times (4 wickets and 5 wickets), defeating Bangalore by 1 wicket (7 wickets). Punjab (14 runs, 12 runs), Chennai (8 runs, 4 wickets) and Hyderabad have scored 2 each and Hyderabad (5 wickets) and Kolkata (8 wickets) each.

The Rajasthan Royals will have to win if they want to be in the playoffs. It is in the interest of defeating Delhi and winning the 4th victory.

In the last match, Rajasthan captain Captain Rakane was replaced by Steven Sumith. This was a good result. In this game he can be appointed as captain.

Buttler (311 runs), Sumit (245 runs), Samson (234) and bowler Archer (11 wickets) and Shreyas Gopal (10 wickets) are in good position.

The Delhi Capitol team led by Shreyas Ayyar has scored 6 points and 10 points with 10 defeats.

The team defeated Kolkata 2 times (Super Over, 7 wickets), Mumbai (37 runs), Bengaluru (4 wickets), Hyderabad (39 runs) and Punjab (5 wickets).

Lost in Chennai (6 wickets), Punjab (14 runs), Hyderabad (5 wickets) and Mumbai (40 runs).

Will Delhi win the 7th victory over Rajasthan? Is expected.

Dhawan has 347 runs, captain Hirayas Aiyar (327 runs), Rishmaphind (258 runs), Rafada (21 wickets) and Chris Morris (11 wickets).

Since the two teams will fight hard for victory, the game will be exciting. # IPL2019 #RR #DC