Top 5 latest whatsapp update new version for android

Top 5 latest whatsapp update new version for android
whatsapp new update
Whatsapp New Update

1) Forwarded messages, for WhatsApp Group :

In keeping with Fake News, WhatsApp is preparing to launch two new features. According to the recent information, the company is going to present such a feature, so that the users will know that the forwarded message has been forwarded so far . According to the WABetaInfo tweet, Whatsapp is going to present two new features 'Forwarding Info' and 'Frequently Forwarded' on its platform. Explain that 'Frequently Forwarded' will appear with the message that has been forwarded more than 4 times. Now another feature of this feature has been revealed, which will be presented in a special way keeping the group in mind.

WaBetaInfo tweeted that in the new update, Group SettingsThe options for Frequently Forwarded Messages will be given, which will allow users to decide whether or not to be sent to the Frequently Forwaded Messages group.

frequency forward message
Whatsapp update
How to workfor this feature will have to go to a group of WhatsApp, then tap into Group Settings. There will be an option for Frequently Forwarded messages, which will get 'Allow' and 'Dont Allow' on tap.

If you select Allow from it, then a group can send messages to Frequently Forwarded messages and if you select 'Dont Allow' Frequently Forwarded Messages can not be sent to the group. According to the information, this feature is currently being tested in 2.19.97 beta.

Apart from this, talk of 'Forwading Info', another feature, users will know how often a message has been forwarded to this feature. But keep in mind that you will know this information only when you forward that message to someone else.

frequecy forward message group
Latest whatsapp update
See screenshots for example if you want to know how often a message has been forwarded for that, you have to forward it first. After forwarding, when you check into Message Info, you will be able to see how often that message has been sent.

2) Whatsapp Payment :

Whatsapp payment service stuck in the past one year beta phase. Two people associated with this program have informed that Whatsapp has agreed to comply with the rules related to central bank's payment data. In fact, the central bank has told all the payment service providers to store the data of Indian users in India. Due to which the Payment Features of What'sapp can not get approval.

Whatsapp payment feature i.e. Whatsapp is in beta phase since February last year. This facility has reached only 10 lakh people so far. Whatsapp has not been able to get this service started yet. Facebook's senior official told the Economic Times that we are ready to follow the guidelines of the RBI. Only some engineering work has left.

This statement means that Whatsapp is ready to store Indian users' data in India only. So far, the American company was seeking permission to store some data or payment data in India and to store some data outside India. According to the RBI guidelines, Whatsapp will have to store all the payment data in India, after which it will get the approval to start this service.

In an affidavit filed in the Supreme Court last month, the RBI had said that Whatsapp is not following the rules of data protection. IT Ministry official said that Whatsapp has no option but to store data in India. Whatsapp Pay service works on the UPC made by NPCI. With the help of which users can transfer money to each other

3) Add to the WhatsApp Group :

The WhatsApp feature that most users had been waiting for, has finally arrived. Now in WhatsApp group no one will be able to add without your approval. WhatsApp launched this new feature with its latest update on Wednesday. This feature can be released worldwide in the coming weeks.

This feature has been added to the privacy settings of WhatsApp, where users can decide which ones can send group invites using filters.

When you reject a group invoice, WhatsApp will notify the group admin about it, after which they can send private invites. Users will have 3 days to execute this invoice. After this the invoice will expire.

  1. Invitation settings such as change group
  2. Go to Settings by going to WhatsApp
  3. After that, select the accounts and open the privacy settings.
  4. After that, select the groups option
  5. There are three options that you can add to the group
  6. Everyone, My Contacts, Nobody, Select one of these options
Latest whatsapp update
Whatsapp Update
WhatsApp brought many new features and services
In the wake of Lok Sabha elections in India, WhatsApp has recently launched a new Fact Check Service. This service, called 'checkpoint tipline' will work together with a start-up proto.

4)  Send wrong information or Rumors to Checkpoint Tipline :

Users in India can now send wrong information or Rumors to Checkpoint Tipline (+ 91-9643-000-888) on WhatsApp. After sharing the message with the user's tipline, Verification Center of Verizon will check the message after verifying the message that the claim made in the message is true.

To curb Fake News, WhatsApp has limited the number of forwarding messages to 5. In addition to this, WhatsApp also brought the Forward label, so that users were able to come to know that the message sender did not write them, they forwarded them.

Now users will also be able to know how many times they have been forwarded to the messages they have been forwarded.

5)  Reverse image search option :

WhatsApp is about to bring reverse image search option soon. With this feature, users can search any photos sent and received on the Whatsapp app on the web.

To change your look, the dark mode option in WhatsApp is also coming soon. Like the name, the background color of the app will change after selecting this feature. This beta version has been rolled out to some of the selected users.