Measures to prevent hair loss Tips for Prevent Hair Fall & Hair loss

Tips for Prevent Hair Fall & Hair loss in Hindi - There are many major problem of hair loss in all the countries including India, and this problem is increasing both days. Many people use expensive treatments and chemicals to get rid of Hair Fall Problem, which have many side effects. These hair treatments are not possible for everyone. If you take a hair fall treatment in some way, but you can not always do this.
home remedies for hair fall
home remedies for hair fall
  • Healthy diet to prevent hair loss. Healthy diet to prevent Hair Fall
Today we will discuss some topics that help us to prevent hair from falling.

Why are my hair falling down? (Why is my hair falling out?)

There are many reasons for hair loss, which are very important to know and it is easy to defend them, only you should know.
  1. Physical stress
  2. Emotional Stress
  3. Pregnancy
  4. Too much Vitamin A "Vitamin A"
  5. Lack of Protein
  6. Heredity obtained from lineage
  7. Lack of "Vitamin B Deficiency"
  8. Due to washing hair with hot water
  9. Do not sleep or insufficient sleep
  10. Not taking balanced diet
  11. The hair of the hair
Above are some common reasons given that you can lose your hair. Because of the above two points, the hair gets worse. Keep yourself happy and take a balanced diet if you want healthy, long and dense hair.

What to eat to get to my hair black, tall and dense (What should I take in the food so my hair is black, tall and thick)

Hari vegetables - you will get vitamins A and C which are beneficial for the health of your baby.
Masur Dal - It contains "folic acid" in its base, which helps in providing oxygen to your head and skin and in turn helps in the development of hair growth and new cells.
Milk (milk) - Protein is abundant in milk and milk is considered a balanced diet, so it will be beneficial for your hair.
Nuts - Nuts are a great source of protein. Walnuts are especially found in omega-3 fatty acids, biotin and vitamin E, which are very beneficial for the health of hair.
Egg- egg is a good source of protein, it contains zinc, selenium and iron ore, which are important for taking care of the baby's health.
Green Tea - Green tea contains polyphenols which help keep your head healthy.
Carrots - Carrots keep your hair healthy and hydrated.
Whole Grains - In whole grains, nutrients and fibers are found in fair quantities which promote the development of hair.

Easy Home Tips to make hair taller and thicker

You can make your hair taller, black and dense even easier and in a domestic way. You can keep your baby safe by using these 10 things given below.
1-egg, 2-coconut milk, 3-onion juice, 4-potato juice, 5-white vinegar, 6-fenugreek seeds, 7-lemon juice, 8-oil massages, 9-amla, 10-beetroot Juice.

# 1- Use the "egg" to protect Balo from sticking.

Egg proteins are rich. The protein requirement for balo is high. The yellow part of the egg is filled with proteins, which are considered to be a good means of health and growth of hair. The problem of two-faced hair is also removed from the egg.

  1. Bake the egg and mix it well, add 2 spoons olive oil in it. Put it on the hair well and leave it for 45 minutes. After that wash the hair or take a shampoo.
  2. Put 1 teaspoon olive oil on it with the white part of the egg and get it. It is very useful for hair fallers.
  3. Use egg in the food too. It helps to keep your hair healthy.

# 2 - Use "Coconut" to protect Balo from sticking.

Coconut milk contains vitamins, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and iron. It is beneficial in the growth of balo and reduces the fall of balo.
  • Take a refreshing coconut, take it in a fine piece (use a cob or small pestle for it) and put it in a cloth and take out its milk. Heat coconut milk. Cook for about 5 minutes and let the milk cool down. Once cooled, put it in freeze and use it the next day.
  • Use coconut in the food too. This is beneficial for Balo.

# 3- Use the "Onion juice" to protect Balo from burning.

Sulfur is found on the juice of onion, which reduces the fall of the hair. It contains antioxidant elements. By applying in hair, the blood runs faster in the roots, which helps keep the hair healthy. It completely protects the roots of Balo and also kills the harmful germs.
  1. Remove the juice by "tightening" the onion and put the juice in the direct jaw. Let it stay for 45 minutes and then shampoo.
  2. Take a quarter (1/4) cup of onion juice and mix 1 teaspoon honey well in it. Put it in a bowl and shampoo after 45 minutes.
  3. Mix 1 teaspoon or 1/2 teaspoon olive oil into 3 teaspoons juice of onion. Mix it well and apply it in your hair. Shampoo after 90 minutes.

# 4- Use the "potato juice" to protect Balo from sticking.

Vitamins A, B and C are very abundant in potatoes. Applying it juice reduces the amount of hair soft and rust.
  1. Stir the potatoes by grinding or grinding it and massage it with its juice to the roots of hair. Wash the hair with shampoo after 60 minutes.
  2. To remove Balo's stubbornness, mix potato juice and egg, put it in a bowl. Very useful for the stubborn and lifeless babo
  3. A mixture of potato juice + egg + honey also is beneficial for hair.

# 5- Use the "white vinegar" to protect Balo from sticking.

White vinegar balances the pH levels. Put one teaspoon vinegar in a cup of water and mix it and wash it with it. Leave it for 30 minutes and wash it with water. The hair is shiny and healthy.

# 6 Save Balo from rodging using "fenugreek seeds".

Proteins are found abundant in manthi and lecithin is found in it which strengthens the hair.
  1. Keep the grain of methi soaked in water throughout the night. Grind with the same water in the morning and make paste. Make a light massage with coconut oil in your hair and then paste the paste in the bowl. Shampoo after 75 minutes. This will make your hair dense, tall and bright.

# 7- "Avoid Stopping Balo from Using" Lemon Juices "

Vitamin "C" in lemon contains more amounts. It contains Bitumen B1, B2, B3, B12, Folic Acid, Citric Acid, Antioxidant and other nutrients. Using lemon juice helps to make hair soft, shiny, strong. This reduces the Russian of Balo.
  1. Lime juice can be used directly for your hair.
  2. Mix coconut oil in equal quantity with lemon juice and apply it in a bowl. Wash after 60 minutes.
  3. Mix lemon juice of Indian mustard oil with equal quantity and apply it in a bowl. Wash after 60 minutes.

# 8- Protect Balo from Stopping Using "Oil Massage"

  1. Oil massage in the roots of Balo gets accelerated by the blood circulation, resulting in good growth of hair and hair loss. You can use the fingers as well as massage the roots of oil without oil. With this, your hair is exercised in a way. Hair is healthy and taller than this. You must do it twice or thrice a week.
  2. You can also light wholesome massage once a week. For this, you can heat coconut oil, desi mustard oil or olive oil, and lighten it in the hair. It does not have problems with Russian in hair.

# 9- Protect Balo from Stopping Using "Amla"

Bitamin "C" is abundant in Amla. Benefits of balo fall and before the time become white.
  1. Heat the coconut oil, put the pieces of dry amla in it. Cook it on a low flame for 5 minutes. Keep it clean and keep it cool. Massage the root of Balo with this oil. Shampoo after 90 minutes.
  2. Hair is also healthy and strong by eating Amla.

# 10- Use the "beetroot juice" to protect Balo from burning.

Beetritious is beneficial for healthy hair and skin. It is found in many vitamins and minerals salts.
  1. Beetroot Juice You Can Directly Directed In Your Hair Put the pieces in the mix and remove the juice.
  2. Beetroot can be mixed with juice and mixing carrots and cucumber juice.
  3. Must use it in the food. Blood increases in the body and the skin of the body is shiny.