Samsung Galaxy Fold Smartphone GOOD or BAD ?

Samsung Galaxy Fold, the biggest mobile miracle since touch?

Samsung Galaxy Fold  Price
Samsung Galaxy Fold 
Such a phone that folds down and then becomes smaller and open like a diary, then become a tablet. With some similarity, Samsung launched its new Galaxy Fold phone. Flexible display was working for a long time, but the style it came in, surprised everyone. In the mobile phone, for some reason, innovation meant that some new wonders had stopped coming and every year we were seeing features like processor improvements, cameras or more megapixels, fingerprint sensors. So the question arises now whether the phone being folded is the largest mobile innovation since touchscreen?

In the Galaxy Fold, you get two phones. When the phone is in normal shape, the 4.6-inch outer screen, and when it opens like a book, a full screen of 7.3 inches, without any joint. The app you were working on on the external screen, when you open the display, comes across the entire screen. That means, keep the fold off, then open the phone, then the tablet. The quality of the display, the design of the phone makes it extremely premium. There are six cameras in the Galaxy Fold. Three backwards, one in front and two inwards That is, whatever you are using it, you will have some camera. There are two batteries, 12 GB of RAM is given. So much RAM will probably not be in your laptop too. It will be equipped with most latest processor Snapdragon 855.

But its price is very high. In Europe and America, it is coming for sale and it will be around 1.40 to 1.60 lakhs. So expensive menstream phones have not yet come. It may be that many people do not hesitate to pay this price for the status symbol. If we compare with the innovation like the touchscreen that came in the beginning, then it came at a quite unforgiving level compared to it. But it can also be said that how such a big technology change would be cheaper. Samsung Galaxy Fold  will bring this phone like a Limited Edition phone. There is no review yet, it must be seen how smoother it works. One thing can certainly be said that the Galaxy Fold has opened the door of the future and the mobile phone world will not be as soon as it was before.