Realme 3 Pro will be launched in India on April 22, Special for Speed ​​- Realme 3 pro launch confirmed for April 22 seek full details

Realme 3 Pro will be launched in India on April 22, special for Speed
Realme 3 Pro
Realme 3 Pro Price, Launch Date, Specifications
Realme 3 Pro Realm's new smartphone launch date has come up. The company is going to launch its new smartphone in India on April 22. According to past details, Snapdragon 710 processors can be given in this smartphone.

The launch of Realme 3 Pro was under discussion for a long time. However, now the date and place of its launch has become confirmed. Reality India CEO Madhav Seth has made public its information through Twitter. Realme's new flagship smartphone Realme 3 Pro will be launched on April 22 at 12:30 pm at the Delhi University campus. Let us tell you that the company did the same by launching Realme 2 Pro as well as the college campus.

The closest match of this smartphone will be with the Redmi Note 7 Pro in the Indian market. In such a situation, it is expected to be priced within 15,000 rupees. As far as the new smartphone is launched at the campus, it is because the target users are the youth for the company. The company's tag line is also 'Proud to be Young'.

CEO Madhav Seth has teased this smartphone twice in the past. Once a photo sample was posted on Twitter, and for the second time Madhav Seth shared the post playing Fortnite on Realme 3 Pro. Also on Twitter, Madhav Seth has shared the post about the speed of the phone, which makes it clear that the focus of the company is on the processor.

Madhav Seth wrote in his post that 'How about playing fortnight on Reality 3 Pro' Since this post, it is being speculated that the Realme3Pro segment can be the first smartphone in which it can be given direct support. The last few leaked information has revealed that this smartphone can offer Qualcomm Snapdragon 710 processor. Also, the option of 3GB and 4GB RAM variants can also be found here.

There is currently no information about the camera but it is expected that if the company wants to do something extra in the budget, then the triple rear camera can set up. Because Samsung has already dropped its budget phone with a triple rear camera. Apart from this, since the initial price of Note 7 Pro is 13,999, then its price may also be the same. It is also possible that the initial price of Reality 3 Pro is Rs 13,499. However, it will be clear only after official launching.