Rafael Deal: Rahul criticizes Supreme Court, criticizes Sitaraman

Rafael Deal: Rahul criticizes Supreme Court, criticizes Sitaraman
rafale deal
Rafale Deal

Defense Minister Nirmala Sitharaman has strongly attacked Congress president Rahul Gandhi over the Rafale issue. Rahul did not read the first paragraph of the Supreme Court ruling. We all know this. The court has accepted Rafael's plea and the court also said Rahul has admitted that he is a 'chowkidar chor hai'. Rahul said this is a clear lie and Rahul has said that he has defied the court by saying that lies, Sitaraman has attacked Rahul. 

After the Supreme Court's order came on Rafael, Rahul Gandhi had said in the court that 'janitor is a thief'. On this, Sitaraman refuted the allegations of Rahul Gandhi during a press conference. Rahul Gandhi himself is on bail. They are misleading the country in violation of political limits. Sitaraman criticized the court for creating such confusion among the people by saying that the court did not say that such things are being said.

The Supreme Court has ruled that the Central Government's request to reject the referendum plea in the Rapid Action Battalion case and the leak documents are valid and the new trial will be taken based on the documents that are under consideration. This central government is believed to be a major setback.