Pro Kabaddi League Auction 2019 Full list of players bought

Pro Kabaddi League 2019 Auction: The 7th edition of Pro-Kabaddi League ( PKL ) will be inaugurated from July 19, 2019, in which total 12 teams will clash for the title. Earlier, 12 teams of the tournament participated in the auction on the first day in Mumbai on 8th April.

Pro Kabaddi 2019 Auction
Pro Kabaddi 2019 Auction
On the first day of the Seventh Season auction of Pro Kabaddi League ( PKL ), two players were successful in becoming millionaires. Whereas Siddharth Desai was bought by Telugu Titans for 1.5 crore rupees. On the other hand, Nitin Tomar was retained by Punari Paltan for Rs 1.2 crore in his team.

Apart from this, U Mumba included Sandeep Narwal in his team for Rs 89 lakh. Patna Pirates added Surendra Nadda for Rs 77 lakh with him. In the auction on the first day, Mohammed Ismail Nabi Baksh of Iran bought Bengal Warriors for 77.75 lakh rupees. Along with this, he became the most expensive foreign player of the season. Ajujar Meghani was retained by Telugu Titans for Rs 75 lakh via Right to Match card. South Korean star raider Zhang Kun Lee was included in Patna Pirates for Rs 40 lakh in his team

This time, 29 players have been retaken by 11 teams, in which Patna Pirates and Telugu Titans retain the most four-four players. While the Punari Paltan did not react to any player. In such a way, the team of Pune team seems to be re-teaming.

It is worth mentioning that this time the players have been divided into 5 categories, in which the base price of Category-A is Rs 30 lakh, category-B of 20 lakh, Category-10 million and Katagiri-D's base price of Rs 5 lakh. is. Apart from this, Rs. 7.26 lakhs will be given to new young players. The 12 teams that participated in this auction are: Bengal Warriors, Bengaluru Bulls, Dabang Delhi, Gujarat FortuneJoint, Haryana Steelers, Patna Pirates, Punari Paltan, Tamil Thalwaj, Telugu Titans, Jaipur Pink Panthers, UP Warrior and U-Mumba

Pro Kabaddi League Auction 2019 Full list of players bought :

Bengal Warriors

Elite Retained Players — Baldev Singh, Maninder Singh
Retained Young Players — Adarsh T, Ravindra Kumawat
New Young Players — Sahil
Mohammad Nabibakhsh — Rs 77.75 lakh
Jeeva Kumar — Rs 31 lakh
Rinku Narwal — Rs 20 lakh
Mohammad Taghi — Rs 15.5 lakh

Bengaluru Bulls
Elite Retained Players — Rohit Kumar, Pawan Kumar Sehrawat, Ashish Kumar

Retained Young Players — Amit Sheoran, Sumit Singh
New Young Players — Mohit Sehrawat, Banty
Mahender Singh — Rs 80 lakh
Sanjay Shreshtha — Rs 10 lakh
Lal Mohar Yadav — Rs 10 lakh

Dabang Delhi KC
Retained players — Meraj Sheykh, Joginder Narwal
Chandran Ranjit — Rs 70 lakh
Ravinder Pahal — Rs 61 lakh
Vijay Malik — Rs 41 lakh
Vishal Mane — Rs 28.5 lakh
Saeed Ghaffari — Rs 16.5 lakh
Gujarat Fortunegiants
Elite Retained Players — Sachin Tanwar, Sunil Kumar
Retained Young Players — Lalit Chaudhary, Rohit Gulia
Parvesh Bhainswal — Rs 75 lakh
Rituraj Koravi — Rs 30.5 lakh
Vinod Kumar — Rs 26 lakh
Abolfazl Maghsoudloumahali — Rs 15.75 lakh
Haryana Steelers
Elite Retained Players — Kuldeep Singh, Vikash Khandola
New Young Players — Vinay
Prashanth Kumar Rai — Rs 77 lakh
Dharmaraj Cheralathan — Rs 38.5 lakh
Ravi Kumar — Rs 20 lakh
Amir Mohammad Maleki — Rs 12.5 lakh
Tim Phonchoo — Rs 10 lakh

Jaipur Pink Panthers
Elite Retained Players  Deepak Niwas Hooda, Sandeep Kumar Dhull
Retained Young Players — Ajinkya Pawar, Lokesh Kaushik
New Young Players — Pavan TR, Sachin Narwal, Sushil Gulia
Amit Hooda — Rs 53 lakh
Deepak Narwal — Rs 30.5 lakh
Nilesh Salunke — Rs 23.5 lakh
Sunil Siddhgawali — Rs 20 lakh
Dong Gyu Kim — Rs 10 lakh
Malinda Chaturanga — Rs 10 lakh
Patna Pirates
Elite Retained Players — Pardeep Narwal, Vikas Jaglan, Jawahar Dagar
New Young Players — Mohit
Surender Nada — Rs 77 lakh
Jang Kun Lee — Rs 40 lakh
Mohammad Maghsoudlou — Rs 35 lakh
Jaideep — Rs 35 lakh
Hadi Oshtorak — Rs 16 lakh
Puneri Paltan
Retained players — None
Nitin Tomar — Rs 1.20 crore
Surjeet Singh — Rs 56 lakh
Girish Maruti Ernak — Rs 33 lakh
Pawan Kumar — Rs 20 lakh
Emad Sedaghat — Rs 11.25 lakh
Hadi Tijak — Rs 10 lakh
Tamil Thalaivas
Elite Retained Players — Ajay Thakur, Manjeet Chhillar, Victor Onyango Obiero
New Young Players — 
Himanshu, M Abhishek
Rahul Chaudhari — Rs 94 lakh
Ran Singh — Rs 55 lakh
Mohit Chhillar — Rs 45 lakh
Milad Shiebak — Rs 10 lakh
Telugu Titans
Elite Retained Players — Armaan, Farhad Rahimi Milaghardan, Krushna Madane
New Young Players — 
Manish, Akash Choudhary
Siddharth Desai — Rs 1.45 crore
Abozar Mighani — Rs 75 lakh
Vishal Bhardwaj — Rs 60 lakh
Duet Jennings — Rs 10 lakh

U Mumba
Elite Retained Players — Fazel Atrachali, Rajaguru Subramanian, Arjun Deshwal
Retained Young Players — Anil, Gaurav Kumar, Mohit Balyan
Sandeep Narwal — Rs 89 lakh
Rohit Baliyan — Rs 35 lakh
Dong Geon Lee — Rs 25 lakh
Young Chang Ko — Rs 10 lakh
UP Yoddha
Elite Retained Players — Amit Narwal, Sachin Kumar
Retained Young Players — Nitesh Kumar, Aashish Nagar, Azad Singh, Arkam Shaikh
Monu Goyat — Rs 93 lakh
Shrikant Jadhav — Rs 68 lakh
Rishank Devadiga — Rs 61 lakh
Mohsen Maghsoudloujafari — Rs 21 lakh
Masud Karim — Rs 10 lakh

Auction started for the Pro Kabaddi League on Monday. Prior to the auction, 12 teams participating in the league retweeted 29 players. Last year's star rider Siddharth Desai was bought by Telugu Titans for 1.45 crore. Apart from this, Nitin Tomar was bought by Punari Paltan for Rs 1.20 crore and Tamil Thalwaj spent Rs 9.4 million on Rahul Chaudhary.

Full list of players -
The playerTeamcost
Milad ScheibakTamil thaliwajOne million
Saeed GhafariStingy Delhi16.5 million
Sanjay SrithaBengaluru BullsOne million
Ismail Nabi BakshBengal Warriors77.75 lacs
Hadi PoirovPatna pirates16 million
MohsinUP Warrior21 lakhs
Jang Kun LeeYou mumba40 lakhs
Abojar mehghaniTelugu Titans7.5 million
AmitGujrat fortunejyants17.5 million
Development blackHaryana Steelers34.25 lakhs
AmitBengaluru Bulls17.25 lakhs
Harendra KumarYou mumbaOne million
Neeraj KumarYou mumba44.57 lakh
Dharmendra SinghBengal WarriorsOne million
Sea arunTelugu TitansOne million
Amit Santosh DhumalBengal WarriorsOne million
PankajGujrat fortunejyantsOne million
VishalJaipur Pink Panthers20.25 lakhs
Ajinkya RohidasYou mumba10.25 lakhs
R. AvinashBengal WarriorsOne million
Darshan KadianPunei platoon2 million
ManagedPunei platoon63 lakhs
Rohit BallyanYou mumba3.5 million
Pawan KumarPunei platoon2 million
NileshJaipur Pink Panthers32.5 million
PromotingBengal Warriors55.5 million
Deepak NarwalJaipur Pink Panthers3.5 million
Ravi KumarHaryana Steelers2 million
RiturajGujrat fortunejyants30.5 million
Huge maneStingy Delhi28.5 million
Sunil siddhagwaliJaipur Pink Panthers2 million
DharmarajHaryana Steelers38.5 million
Jiva KumarBengal Warriors31 lakhs
Mohit ChillarTamil thaliwaj45 million
Rinku NarwalBengal Warriors2 million
Vinod KumarGujrat fortunejyants2.6 million
Vijay MalikDabang Delhi41 lakhs
Shrikant JadhavUP Warrior68 million
Prashant Kumar RaiHaryana Steelers77 lakhs
Rishank DevadigaUP Warrior61 million
Rahul ChaudharyTamil thaliwaj94 million
Monu GayatUP Warrior93 lakhs
Nitin TomarPunari Paltan1.20 million
Siddharth DesaiTelugu Titans1.45 crores
Chandran RanjitStingy DelhiSeven million
Amit HoodaJaipur Pink Panthers3.5 million
Vishal BharadwajTelugu Titans60 million
Parvesh BhainswalGujrat fortunejyants7.5 million
Mahendra SinghBengaluru Bulls80 million
JaideepPatna pirates3.5 million
Surjeet SinghPunari Paltan56 lakhs
Girish ErnakPunari Paltan3.3 million
Surendra NadaPatna pirates77 lakhs
Ravinder InitiativeDabang Delhi61 million
Sandeep NarwalYou mumba89 million
Ran SinghTamil thaliwaj55 million
Devit jenningsTelugu TitansOne million
Dong Jiu KimJaipur Pink PanthersOne million
Masod KarimUP WarriorOne million
Imad SedaghatPunari Paltan11.25 lakhs
Dong Jeon LeeYou mumba2.5 million
Mohammad ToshiBengal Warriors15.5 million
Mohsen MagasoduPatna pirates3.5 million
AamirHaryana Steelers12.5 million
Lal Mohar YadavBengaluru BullsOne million
Vikram KondolaHaryana SteelersOne million
Vijayan ThangaduraiBengal WarriorsOne million
Deepak YaadavPunari PaltanOne million
SandeepBengaluru BullsOne million
AjitTamil thaliwaj3.2 million
Raju Lal ChaudharyBengaluru BullsOne million