On the 37th birthday, know some interesting and unheard of things about Telugu star Allu Arjun

On the 37th birthday, know some interesting and unheard of things about Telugu star Allu Arjun

Allu Arjun
Allu Arjun
Telugu Star Allu Arjun, who has given blockbuster films such as' Na Peru Surya, Na Ilu India, Duvvada Jagannadham, Sarrenodu, Race Guerram, is a birthday today.

Actor is not only appreciated for acting skills and on-screen performance, but no one can find them in their superb dance moves. He is also called South's most stylish star.

Arjun made his debut in Bollywood with 'Daddy' and his career was launched by his father and producer Allu Arvind. Actor turned 37 today and on this special occasion, let us tell you some interesting things related to Allu Arjun.

1. Like Tamil Star Vijay, Arjun is having a big fan following in Kerala. So, that actor has dubbed himself as Malu Arjun. Not only this, Arjun is the only actor to have his films dubbed in Malayalam. His 'Arya 2' movie continued for 100 days.

2. While many people think Arjun has done his Bollywood debut with Daddy. Most people do not know that Vijeta was his debut film, which he had debuted. Arjun was in the film as a child artist and he worked with Chiranjeevi.

3. Allu Arjun is not only a great actor but also a photographer. Arjun does not make it public. Star feels that photography helps them express their emotions.

4. Arjun is a great fan of his uncle Chiranjeevi, and apparently he loves her more than her father. It is a lesser known fact that Arjun has seen his uncle's film Indra more than 15 times and this is his favorite movie.

5. Arjun is the biggest star today, but did you know that even if he did not perform well in the film industry, he had a backup option too? In an interview, the actor revealed that he had learned animation as a lesser option. He learned this in an animation company in Hyderabad.

6. While most celebrities like to celebrate their birthday in a grand form, on the other hand Arjun celebrates his special day with mentally disabled children. Not only this, but the actor also donates blood on his birthday.

7. One of the talent of the actor is also to play the board. Arjun's elder brother, Allu Bobby, revealed that he had learned this art to impress the girls. Is not it interesting?

8. Apart from photography, and playing the keyboard, Arjun is also a charcoal artist. Whenever they get time to do it, the actor sketches. The actor loves human anatomy and architectural drawing.