How to vote India Election 2019 - How To Vote #India in Lok Sabha 2019

How to vote India

How to Vote # India, Lok Sabha Election 2019:  Today is the first phase of Lok Sabha elections. Google has also made doodle on this. Voting marks are shown on finger in today's doodle. Apart from this, Google has also written in a special style. In today's doodle, finger is drawn on GOOGLE 's second o and the mark of voting has been shown on it. You can vote only if your name is in the voter list (also known as electoral roll). Voters can obtain voting booths, election candidates, dates and times of election, identity cards and EVM information.
Lok Sabha 2019
How To Vote #India

How to
vote First voting officer will see your name in the electoral rolls, your name will be checked if proof is made. 
The second voting officer will mark your finger, give you a slip and take your signature on a register. 

You must submit a slip to the third voting officer and show your ink finger and then go to the polling station. 
On the Electronic Voting Machine (EVM), the candidate of his choice has to cast his vote by pressing the salmon button of the election symbol. You will hear a beep sound. 

Check the slip visible in the VVPAT machine's transparent window. Before falling into the sealed VVPAT box, slip with the candidate's serial number, name and symbol will appear for 7 seconds. 

If you do not like any candidate, you NOTAYou can press the button. This is the last button on the EVM. 
For more information, please see the Voter Guide at 

There is no permission to carry a mobile phone, camera or any other gadget inside the polling booth.