Happy Navratri 2019: Navratri starts from today, send Navratri wishes

Happy Navratri 2019: Navratri starts from today, send Navratri wishes

Namastasi Namasteasi Namastasi Naamo Namah .... Hindu New Year's Vikram Samvat 2076 The Hindu Pratishtha will begin with Vasanti Navaratri from Saturday. Pooja of Mother Durga will be celebrated with the entire law and order for nine days with the new Hindu New Year's pomp. Preparations have been completed in the city's temples regarding Chaitra Navaratri. On Saturday, the worship of the goddess Durga will begin with the establishment of the Kalash. Brahma Purana believed that Brahma started the creation of the universe in this same verse.
Happy Navratri images
Navratri images

Navratri 2019: Today is the first Navaratri, read here the method of worship :

According to Jyotishcharya Priyendu Priyadarshi, Navaratri will start in Revati nakshatra on Saturday. Chaitra Navratri is coming up with many auspicious times this time. Siddhi Yoga for five times in nine days and Ravi Yoga twice. The second date is the supplementary proof, 11 on the sixth date, Ravi Yogi, Saptami 12th April and Sunday Navami, which is the sum of the sum total. Due to the formation of these combinations, Goddess Aradhana will be fruitful. According to Jyotishcharya Dr. Rajnath Jha, the worship of Navaratri will be nine days this time. Decline date is decay The worship of Mahaashtami-Mahanavami will be held on Saturday, April 13. In Chaitra Navaratri, Lord Vishnu has matsyaavata and Ramavatar. At the same time there is also the worship of Fiat Chaiti Chhath, Hanumanji. On this MACA all greet each other with the blessings of Navratri. You can also share this MacAs and the images: 
Happy Navratri images
Navratri wishes

Navratri 2019: Today is the first Navaratri to do this method with the establishment of the urn, keep these things also meditation Happy Navratri, happy navratri image, Navratri wishes, navratri images

Chaitra Navratri 2019: Chaitra Navaratri is starting on April 6. It has a lot of importance in Hinduism. With this, the new year of Hinduism will also start. On the first day of Navratri, the mother is performed with the installation of the Kalash along with the worship of Mother Shailputri. Along with that, everyone worshiped 9 days according to the law. This Chaitra Navratri also sent greetings to your close friends or friends Navratri. Magnificent messages of Chaitra Navaratri
Mother is your 9th form 9 arms
1 got the strength of 
2, the wisdom 
3 got the Aishwarya 
4. Give us happiness 
5th side of the health 
6th the devotion 
7 gives Abhijeet 
8 side is fearlessness 
9 To provide prosperity
This is where all of us are in the shelter of 
Him, in the footsteps of mine, 
we are all dust of his feet 
. These relations of mother and son are invaluable.
The court of Mother, punished with red color, a 
heart filled with joy, flowing world, through 
your holy steps, come to your mother, 
you are blessed, this festival of Navratri will be 
auspicious for Navratri.
We were waiting for that watch ... ... 
the queen rode on the lion, 
now it will be ... now every 
pity of the mind will be filled ... all the painful moments filled 
 with happiness come to her door, Chaitra Navratri wishes
Mata Rani Chali Your Gate 
Jagat Jani's Look 16 Adarangar 
Lives You Never Meet 
in Your Life, Happiness and Prosperity Your Family
It is the world's adoration . My mother is the daughter 
of salvation in the world. Mother 
is the basis of devotion, mother 
is the embodiment of protecting mother.
Nav deep litter, 
new flower blossom, 
daily new flavor, 
on this occasion of Navy, 
you get blessings from mother
The red color of the red color of the mother was 
delighted, the world 
came to you from the feet of your mother, 
be blessed with the festival of Navaratri.
Take away the fear of the devotee's 
Durga mother, 
increase the force and intellect , the 
mother gives the sun of happiness
The punishment is the court and a flame is shining, the 
luck will awaken, those who awaken them 
, my mother has smiled at the temple.
I was waiting to see that the timer was coming, 
the mother queen would have come on the lion, 
now every 
misfortune of the mind has caused all the sorrows to come to her door

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