Gudi Padwa 2019 राशिफल | बेहतर वर्ष के लिए अपने राशिफल को जानें अभी !

Gudi Padwa 2019 राशिफल | बेहतर वर्ष के लिए अपने राशिफल  को जानें अभी !

Religion desk  On Saturday, April 6, 2019, the Hindu New Year, that is, a new revolution. The name of this organization is familiar. It will be owned by Indragini. New year King Shane and the Minister will be the sun god. According to Pt Manish Sharma, Ujjain's astrologer, Chaitra month is going on. The pratipada (April 6) of the Shukla Paksha of Chaitra month is celebrated as Gudi PadwaFrom this date, Chaitra Navratri and Hindu New Year commences. This year's King Shani will cause problems for those who do wrong things. So be careful and avoid wrongdoing.
Gudi Padwa 2019
Gudi Padwa 2019

According to P. Sharma, know how this new year is going to be for all the 12 zodiac signs ...

  1. Aries

    Trouble is going to increase for you because of zodiac lord Mangal and King Saturn and Minister of the Sun. Do not engage with your officials, otherwise you will be harmed. Be careful.
  2. Taurus

    Zodiac lord is the friendship between Venus and Saturn. For this reason, this amount can achieve success. The Minister Sun will also be favorable. Time will be auspicious.
  3. Gemini

    The zodiac is between Buddha and Saturn. Because of this, people of Gemini will be able to work their work. Without obstacles, you will be able to complete the work. There will be pleasant atmosphere at home.
  4. Gudi Padwa 2019
    Gudi Padwa 2019


    There is hostility between the zodiac lord Chandra and Saturn, but the friendliness of the Moon and the Sun. The time will be normal because of this. Do not expect more than anyone. trust in yourself. The work will be completed.
  5. Lion

    The zodiac lord, Sun and Saturn, keep enemy enemies from each other. Still, the conditions for you will be normal. Your work will be completed with the help of others. Happiness will remain in the house.
  6. The girl

    There is a sense between the zodiac lord Mercury and King Saturn of the year. Because of this you will get the fruits according to your hard work. The hard work, the more benefit. Happiness and prosperity will remain in the family.
  7. Libra

    There is a sense of friendship between zodiac lord Venus and King Saturn of the year. This amount will be successful. Minister Sun will also be beneficial. Honor in society will increase.
  8. Scorpio

    There is an enemy spirit between the zodiac lord Mangal and the King of Saturn, but the minister is friendly to the sun. Avoid showing off this year. Keep work from your work. Without reason, do not interfere in others' work.
  9. Gudi Padwa 2019
    Gudi Padwa 2019


    The zodiac is the normal behavior between the lord and Saturn. Time will be good. The work will be completed. Will get success.
  10. Capricorn

    This zodiac lord Saturn is the King of New Year. You will have the benefits conditions for yourself. All work will be on time. Any great success will be achieved. Honor will get.
  11. Aquarius

    The lord of this zodiac is Saturn and he is also the King of this year. This year is going to be very beneficial for you. All work will be successful and will get respect.
  12. Pisces

    King of the year, Saturn and lord lord of this zodiac, both keep the sense of friendship. Because of this, this year is going to be auspicious for you. With the success, the money will get benefits.

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