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about easter
About Easter

Easter Festival History -

The history of Easter is very old. This festival is celebrated in the spring . This was started in the eighth century by a scholar, St. Bead. Which is celebrated in the form of the same happiness as the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. Easter is a Pagan or Pagan festival, which is celebrated on the first Sunday (Sunday) of spring, along with the spring season. The main symbol of Easter is an egg. At present, Easter is a symbol of progress, new rejuvenation, new celebration, rebirth, renewal, and people living on earth, and every single creature.

Easter Egg Festival Facts and significance -

The facts of Easter are quite exciting in itself. In which everything has its own importance, and its relation, mythology. The way a depressed atmosphere prevails, but with the spring of spring, the atmosphere becomes joyful. Similarly Shell (Shell) represents the tomb of Jesus, but flowers of spring represent life after Jesus' death.

Easter Egg Meaning
Google Easter Egg
Google Easter Egg

In Easter, eggs are of great importance because, as the bird first, the egg is in its nest. After that, the chicken emerges, in the same way, the egg is considered a auspicious monument. And in Easter, it is used in many ways. By doing some painting, some other form of punishment is given to each other in the form of gifts. This is an auspicious sign, which, in giving birth to the people, brings new excitement and enthusiasm in their lives, towards living a life.

Kanada is the world's largest Easter egg (egg) site. In pysanka, an Easter egg painting is practiced.

Easter Egg Celebration - How Easter Celebrated

Easter is a very big celebration. In which happiness and celebration occurs, the resurrection of God Jesus. Which religiously, the Christian society celebrates.Apart from that, gifts are celebrated with great enthusiasm in different countries, by giving a variety of gifting, which is particularly egg-shaped, by making a party by making different sweets, by singing, congratulating, and many other ways.

It is said that, before the sixteenth day of Easter, whatever happens on Wednesday, it starts and ends on Easter. In which the last week is a sacred week and on the last Sunday, the Easter celebration ends. It is said that, from the sixteenth day, on one Thursday it was predicted that God would wait for his resurrection of Jesus. This is exactly what happened on a Sunday, since then people celebrate Easter very well.

Good Friday and Easter Festival in the World -
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Bulk Easter Eggs

Good Friday and Easter are celebrated all over the world, not only in India. In India too, this celebration has continued since the British period, before independence. If seen, Christian people in India, only two percent of the total population were at that time. But still, this festival, where Good Friday is made peacefully, the same Easter was made as much as it was. Wherever in India mainly Mumbai, Goa and all over India, most Christian people reside. Here the church is specially decorated. All people who make Good Friday and Easter go to church on this day, and sing songs related to their religion, pray, dance anywhere, and other events are arranged. 

Everyone specializes in giving gifts, flavors, cards, chocolates, cakes to each other. From morning to evening the party runs in Easter, which has a traditional popular lunch-dinner. Thus, in other countries like India, Celebration of Good Friday and Easter is also accompanied by great enthusiasm. And in all the major countries of the world like Australia, Brazil, Italy, England and Germany, where Christian society is building Good Friday and Easter.