Dhoni in the last moment Review

Dhoni in the last moment Review .. Kunji Koottadiya Deepak Sagar .. What happened?

Jaipur: Rajasthan Royals defeated Chennai Super Kings in the 25th edition of the IPL in 2019. In this match, Dhoni stunned the audience for a review on the last moment. Deepak Chahar was also very good at hearing the review.
Chennai Super King
Chennai Super King
Deepak Sagar Bowling :
In this match, the Rajasthan team batting first. In the 3rd over, Deepak Sahar faced the ball and Rahane failed to calculate the ball. His ball hit the ball. Deepak Chahar asked LPDB. Ambair refused.

Mandadi Chahar 
Dhoni refused to hear the TRS. At Deepak Sagar Dhoni, pointing out where the ball was on the leg, Kanjikudu Koodatiki agreed to ask Dhoni to review.

In the last moment .. When Dhoni and Shah ended the negotiations, Dhoni asked Rewyu to complete exactly 15 minutes to complete the review. It caused a stir in the match.

Rahane out 
Later, in the reverse, the ball was revealed to Rahane. Rahane was dismissed for 14 runs. This is the first wicket of Rajasthan. The Rajasthan team lost wickets soon afterwards.

Last-second controversy 
The review was over 15 seconds when the review was asked. Someone has dispelled the argument that Dhoni should have refuted when asked for the review.