CSK vs KKR live score | Knight Riders At Super Kings

Live Cricket Match Score, IPL 2019, CSK vs KKR, Live Score: KKR as Rayudu, the third successive win, 21 runs (CSK 81/3)

Live Cricket Match Score, IPL 2019, CSK vs KKR, Live Score: Chennai Super Kings vs Kolkata Knight Riders Chennai Super Kings vs Kolkata Knight Riders MA Chidambaram Stadium, Chennai
kkr vs csk live score

Live Cricket Match Score, IPL 2019, CSK vs KKR, Live Score, Chennai Super Kings vs. Kolkata Knight Riders

Hello! Welcome to the live cricket blog of india tv. Today, 23rd match of the IPL 2019 between Chennai Super Kings and Kolkata Knight Riders is being played at Chennai's MA Chidambaram Stadium. Chennai Super Kings have decided to bowl first before winning the toss against Kolkata Knight Riders. Both Chennai and Kolkata teams had won in their previous matches. Chennai had defeated Kings XI Punjab, while Kolkata beat Rajasthan Royals. Both teams did not make any changes to their team. Kolkata is at the top of the points table this time. Chennai's efforts will be to snatch the first place from Kolkata.

Live Cricket Match Score IPL 2019, CSK vs KKR, Live Score:

KOLKATA 108/9 (20.0)

CHENNAI 105/3 (17.0) *

23:27 pm Sunil Narine took 18th over of the innings.

23:26 PM 12 runs from the 17th over, Chennai needed 4 runs off 18 balls now.
23:24 PM Chowk! On the next ball, du Plessis chipped in the direction of fine leg. With this, Chennai's 100 runs were also completed.
23:23 PM Chowk! Taking advantage of the free hit, Du Plessis chaos placed over the cover. Du Plessis has now reached the score of 38.
23:22 pm no ball! Over the third ball of the ball, Gurney has no ball ball now to see how much Du Plessis takes advantage.
23:20 PM Change in bowling, Harry Gurney came on the attack.
23:19 pm Krishna runs over 8 runs, du Plessis 34 and Jadhav 5 runs at crease
23:16 PM  Chowk! On the third ball of the over, Duplessis imposed another spectacular choke in the direction of point. Du Plessis has kept one end in a great way.
23:15 pm Changes in bowling, famous cricketer returning to the attack
23:13 PM Chowk! On the first ball Kedar Jadhav chawla and opened his account on the top of the cover. Chawla's over came in 8 runs. Now Chennai need 24 runs on 30 balls.
23:12 PM out! Against the fourth ball of the over, once again put a big shot, caught by Rayudu Rana, 21 runs scored. Kedar Jadhav came to the field to bat
23:10 pm Piyush Chawla's first ball came in the 15th over,
23:05 PM Kuldeep Yadav's spell ended, only 16 runs out of 4 overs.
23:04 PM Kulideep Yadav, who came in the 14th over and took his last over
23:01 PM Chawla's over came in 5 singles, du Plessis 23 and Rayudu 17 runs in the crease at the crease.
22:58 PM Another change in bowling, Piyush Chawla returned to the attack.
22:56 PM 5 runs from the over Naren. Now Chennai need 41 runs in 48 balls.
22:53 PM Change in bowling, Sunil Narine came back to the attack.
22:51 PM Kuldeep Yadav came in over, 6 runs, crease du Plessis 17 and Rayudu 13 runs to the present.
22:50 pm Chowk! On the fifth ball of the over, Du Plessis hit Chowk in the direction of Long On. This is the first round of his innings.
22:49 PM Kuldeep Yadav's innings came in 11th and his third over
22:47 PM Ganee over came in 8 runs, Chennai needed 52 off 60 balls now.
22:46 PM  Chowk! Rayudu put the fifth ball in the eyes of the point. For Chennai this chaos has come after 24 balls.
22:44 PM After the break, the game starts, the innings will put 10th over Harry Gurney
22:40 PM Continuous third over is the time when the KKR bowlers have given only three runs. There has been pressure on the Chennai batsmen, but now KKR bowlers need to take wickets. Time out of time
22:38 PM Chawla's over came in 3 runs, 9th over of the innings Kuldeep Yadav
22:32 PM Kuldeep wasted the economical overs, only 3 runs from over. Piyush Chawla will put the 8th over.
22:30 pm Change in bowling, Kuldeep Yadav came to the attack.
22:28 PM  Chennai scored 40 runs in Powerplay, Rayudu-du Plessis on the crease
22:25 PM Chowk! Taking advantage of the free hit, Rayudu, in the middle of the deep mid-wicket, put in an excellent chowk and with the help of this round, he opened his account.
22:24 pm The famous Krishna and the fifth ball of the over bowled by the last ball of Powerplay, he did not ball ball. Now we have to see how far Rayudu takes advantage of it.
22:20 PM Over the last ball trying to find big shot at the catch to dismiss Suresh Raina, Piyush Chawla took great catches. Raina scored 14 runs before being dismissed. Now Ambati Rayudu who came to bat on the crease
22:17 pm Chennai Super Kings scored 33 runs for the loss of one wicket in the first four overs. Watson scored 17 runs out Sunil Narine came in the fifth over of the innings
21:40 PM Chowk! Russell completed his fifty off the last ball, his half-century, Chennai's goal of 109 runs.
21:40 PM Chowk! On the next ball, Russell hit the square in the direction of deep square leg. Russell is now 4 runs away from his half-century.
21:39 pm Six! Sixth bowler Russell on the third ball of the over delivered the score of KKR to 100.
21:37 PM The last over of the innings with Scott taking
21:35 PM 6 runs from the over. Will the KKR score 100 runs here?
21:32 pm Six! On the second ball of the over Russell hit the front six. This is the second half of Russell's innings. Russell has now reached the private score of 36.
21:31 PM 19th over of an innings with Deepak Chahar
21:28 PM 8 runs from the 18th over. Russell has scored 30 runs at the crease. Now let's see Russell get enough runs for KKR in two overs.
21:23 PM The 18th over of the innings with the scores taken by Scott and Russell made the first ball on the square with his welcome, Russell now reached the personal score of 27.
21:21 PM Caught in an attempt to take a run on the third ball of the over, famous Krishna Harbhajan Singh caught catching easy catch Jadeja's first success
21:19 PM Ravindra Jadeja, who took 17th over with 17 overs.
21:17 PM Next Run, Kuldeep Yadav was run out in the second over, Kolkata's 8th blow
Piyush Chawla, stumped out in an attempt to put a big shot on the third ball of the 21:12 PM over. Time out of time
21:10 PM Harbhajan Singh took 16 yrs and his last over.
21:07 PM LBW was bowled out on the fifth ball of the over, and Andre Russell, the umpire had refused Tahir's appeal, but Dhoni took a review and the ball was missing the wicket and Russell got life. 5 runs from Tahir Over Russell 20 and Chawla scored 8 runs at crease.
21:04 PM Chowk! On the second ball of the over, Russell put down the ground, choke. This shot was so fast that Tahir did not understand the need for handing it over.
21:04 PM Imran Tahir's 15th over of innings
21:02 PM Chowk! Russell hit four fours in the fifth ball of the over with a shot in the direction of deep midwicket. This is the first round of his innings. By the way, Russell hails more than six fours.
After the big shot on the third ball of the 21:00 PM, Russell was bowled out on the boundary, and Jadeja stopped the six by fielding the ball.
20:58 PM Scott O'Brien 's 14th over
20:56 pm Six! This time, on the fifth ball of the over, Piyush Chawla opened the left hand and deep midwicket in the direction of the six. Tanvir came from over 7 runs
20:55 PM Imran Tahir came in with 13th over and Harbhajan Singh left the ball on the second ball. Russell had hit the ball very high in an attempt to hit six. If it catches the catch, then the match ends.
20:54 PM Despite the sixes, Harbhajan Singh's over came in 7 runs. Russell 8 on the crease and Piyush Rao scored 1 run.
20:52 PM Russell hit six on the second ball of Harbhajan Singh, bowled by 12th over. This is Russell Power, to see where Russell drives the KKR vehicle.
20:48 PM Imran Tahir trapped in the 11th over, Shuvman Gill trapped on the first ball, the googly could not bowl the ball, and Dhoni stuck it behind the wicket to Gill. KKR hit sixth in the match, 9 runs in the pavilion returned Gill
20:46 PM Jadeja's over ended in the blistering overs, given only 3 runs Russell and Gill are on the crease
20:45 pm After the break, the game started, Ravindra Jadeja, who took 10th over of the innings.
20:41 pm Dinesh Karthik, Harbhajan Singh, caught out in the next ball attempting to score another four before catching the catch. Karthik made 19 before being dismissed. Andre Russell will now come to bat on the crease. Time out of time
20:39 PM Chowk! With the help of paddle sweep on the third ball of the over, Karthik hit the fine leg in the right direction.
20:38 PM Change in bowling, Imran Tahir came on the attack.
20:37 PM Harbhajan Singh bowled superb bowling, only 4 runs from this over. KKR will not lose 15 wickets and no wicket so that finally Russell can take big shot.
20:32 PM Scott, who came in over, scored 4 runs, the eighth over of the innings will be Harbhajan Singh.
20:29 pm  Bowling changes, Attack Scott Kugglejon 
At 20:27 pm , KKR lost four wickets for 29 runs in powerplay.  
20:26 pm Ravindra Jadeja, who took the last over of the Powerplay and Dinesh Karthik hit the backward point in the third ball, The ball is slowing down and Karthik plays a good spin. Karthik will have to play captaincy innings here.
20:24 PM Robin Uthappa, caught out in an attempt to put another big shot on the fourth ball of the over, scored only 11 runs. In this stage, Uthappa should have batted with a little patience. 
20:20 pm Robin Uthappa took the chances in the first two balls of Deepak Chahar who came in the fifth over and welcomed him, these two squares would have reduced the pressure on top of the KKR.
20:19 PM 7 runs from the fourth over, Uthappa 3 and Karthik scored 5 runs at crease.
20:17 pm Ravindra Jadeja, who came on the bowling attack and attack. Taking the outer edge of Dinesh Karthik's bat in the second ball of the over, the boundary reached across the boundary of the Third Man.
20:16 PM Another successful finish of Chahar ended, only one run given over the over. Captain Dinesh Karthik came to the crease now to bat
At 20:14 PM , Chahar hit his victim, pull shot and hit Rudra at point-and
20:11 PM Deepak Chahar came in with the third over of the innings.
20:10 PM Harbhajan Singh, who came in the second over of the innings, once again gave the wicket to Dhoni, in the first over, to KKR's second opener Sunil Narine. Narine scored 6 runs. Two new batsmen Nitish Rana and Robin Uthappa present on the crease
20:07 PM Over lamp Chr last ball Elbeedblu by Chris Lin out, dismissed Chris Lin zero. 6 runs from the first over
20:00 PM  Deepak Chahar will start bowling.
19:57 pm The Kolkata openers on the field with Chennai's team.
19:54 pm Playing XI of both teams
19:32 pm:  Chennai Super Kings win toss, decide first bowling, no change in both teams
19:28 PM: Before the match, Dhoni practices not bowling, but bowling.
19:26 pm: Andre Russell ready to fireworks on Chennai's ground.
Kolkata is coming after defeating Rajasthan Royals in this match, but Chennai will miss the match of the Royal Challengers Bangalore and Kolkata, in which Andre Russell snatched the victory with the hands of Bangalore. Russell has become the strength of Kolkata. On their own, the team lives in confidence that if they are then they can win the match. Chennai is also coming up with a good win in this match. He had stopped Punjab from winning in a low-scoring match. Chennai's strong side is its captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni who can stop any batsman or team from his superb strategy.