Buy Cheap Web Hosting for your Blog In Just 5 Minutes

How to Buy Web Hosting for Your Blog in the Next 5 Minutes?

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Web Hosting
When I started my WordPress journey, I did not have any idea of ​​WordPress web hosting, domain name etc and all of this was equal to rocket science for me. After long self-hosted WordPress blog use, now I know that for starting and learning WordPress blogging, one of the easiest platform is. In this tutorial, I will tell you how to buy a WordPress web hosting account from Bluehost. For any new WordPress blog, Bluehost Shared hosting is perfect, and you can easily handle 20,000 traffic per day. You need two things to start a new WordPress blog:

  • Webhosting
  • Domain

What's a great thing about Bluehost, it offers a free domain with guard, so you do not need an additional domain registrar to buy domain. If you already have a domain name, you can use it for signup of Bluehost, and you can use the free domain feature later. You can also get a special discount from Bluehost, when you use the link below to sign up.

Web hosting

Guide to Buying Webhosting for WordPress Blog

On the next page you will need to choose a Web hosting package that you want. 
  • Starter web hosting package: This is the cheapest, cost $ 3.95 / month and lets you host a website. This plan offers 100 GB storage and unlimited bandwidth. This is great when you have just planned to host a site.
  • Plus web hosting package: This is the pack that I would recommend to you, because of this and the cost of the starter package is only $ 3 / month difference, as it lets you host all the features + unlimited sites as well. Moreover unlimited resources are like icing on cake. Harsh sir also hosts his sites on this plan.
  • Business Pro: These are great for businesses that require a SSL certificate. This plan has all the features of plus web hosting + Dedicated IP SSL certificate and some other features too. The difference in price is $ 8, and you'll get the right pay for what you pay. This plan is recommended for business and eCommerce sites. You should prefer plus package for any wordpress blog or any informative kind of website.

You can compare all three plans in the image below:

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Click on select below your preferred plan and on the next page you can make your free domain claim or you can also use any other current domain. You can use the free domain feature anytime.
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You can buy domain name from Bluehost (the first year is free), or you can add your existing domain name to "I have the domain name". In my case I am using Bluehost's free domain name feature.

Click on Next, and it will take you to your Bluehost account information and payment page. Complete all the details, and ensure that the details are accurate.

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Bluehost Package Select:

Now select the package you want to buy. Whenever I buy shared web hosting from Bluehost, I choose a three year plan, because I get this package at a minimum price of $ 6.95 per month.

As Bluehost is a old and reliable wordpress web hosting company, it is good to pay the investment, next time without renewal fees discounted.

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When you are staying in the package information column, if you want to keep your website back somewhere, then uncheck the site backup pro.

As we do not want this for our WordPress blog, I uncheck it. Once you fill up all the details, go ahead and make a payment. You can pay by credit card or PayPal.

Once your payment process is done, in a few minutes you will receive login details of your Bluehost account.

If you still have a query about purchasing Web hosting, let me know by comments.