Boy With Luv 2 ( BTS ) Teaser Launched

There are no more pink suits, BTS is ten thousand times more handsome in the teaser showing off the new hit dance

boy with luv teaser 2

Boy With Luv Teaser 2

BTS has just continued to "listen" to another teaser for the new song "Boy With Luv".

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At 0 o'clock on April 11 (local time), Bighit continued to "release" the teaser of the 2nd MV of the song "Boy With Luv" in the album "MAP OF THE SOUL: PERSONA" of BTS. Unlike the first teaser, this clip revealed more expensive scenes about BTS's upcoming MV.

No longer singing a short sentence like before, BTS took a more vocal tone this time with 3 sentences. A small choreography was also revealed, showing the high possibility that "Boy With Luv" will continue to be a song with a lot of dance moves that are quite difficult and costly, requiring periodic movement.
In addition, the new teaser also revealed many scenes of the 7 members in the MV. According to netizens, if the pink suit in the previous clip looks pretty good, come to this clip, BTS dressed in white and youthful outfits including jeans, t-shirts, and jackets. This increases the group's handsomeness by ten thousand times.

This is probably the last "hearing" that Bighit will release before BTS officially returns. Previously planned, the album "MAP OF SOUL: Persona" and the music video "Boy With Luv" will be released simultaneously at 18 hours (local time). The group will perform a new song for the first time on NBC's "Saturday Night Live" on April 13.