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Seen of 'Avengers End Game' leaked online, directors appeal to the public!

India release of Avengers End Game is April 26 and some scenes of this movie have leaked online about 10 days ago.
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A few important scenes of the movie have been leaked online 10 days before the release of the film that was waiting for people for almost a year. A few scenes are leaked from Avengers End Game, and after this leak, the film's director - Joseph and Anthony Rousseau- has shared a letter on Twitter asking people to not share this leaked footage with anyone. Do not spoil the fun of other people

These days the incidents of coming to their Spoilers before the big films have become commonplace. Fans of the film are also upset because of the end of a movie before the film is seen, the fun of the film becomes gritty. It is as if you were given the name of the murderer in the murder of murderer suspense beforehand. 

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Why is the discussion?
'Avengers End Game', a part of Marvel Studios' multi-starer movie 'Avengers',' Avengers Infinity Wars' is going to be released on the 26th of this month. After the death of many superheroes in the previous film, the movie is about to return the superhero's return and this is how the audience will be waiting for this.

The movie trailer has been seen on millions of Youtube -

Some important scenes of this film have been leaked online and filmmakers believe that they are real scenes of the film. Fans are trying hard to see that they do not see it, but these videos are reaching people through Whatsapp and Messenger.

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Encouraging this video, the director of the film, Rousseau Bainsu, has written a letter to his Twitter account asking people not to share this video further.

If you want to avoid Spoiler then adopt
Avengers End Game is going to be released on April 26 in India and before that, if you do not want to open the secret of this film, then you can say that with the news of Avengers on the Internet Keep it a little longer 

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Avengers series new film Avengers and Game is going to be released in India on April 26. Fans of this Hollywood movie are eagerly waiting. But reports of leakage of Avengers and Game are already on the verge of release. According to the reports, many scenes of the film were posted on social media. The video also includes some scenes from the movie which can end the suspense of the film.

On the news of the leak of the film, Joe Rousseau, director of End Game, has appealed to the fans. He said that people do not end the suspense by sharing videos or telling the story after watching the film or watching the movie. We have worked hard with all the years in this film. The film's makers shared a letter with the hashtag #DontSpoilTheEndgame on social media.

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According to the reports many screenshots of the end game, GIFs, short clips are being shared rapidly on social media.
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And the game has been directed by Antoine Russo and Joe Russo. Kriss Evans, Robert Drooney Jr., Brian Larson, Chris Hemsworth, Josh Brolin play a key role in the film. The old part of the film had a good collection at the box office. The Avengers And Game is being shown in the last movie. So both fans and makers from the film are emotionally connected.

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With the release of Avengers and Game, Salman Khan's connection has also been added. Indeed, on 26th April the trailer of India film with Avengers and Game will also be shown.

Avengers Endgame is the 22nd movie of Marvel Cinematic Universe. This film will be released in India on April 26. Meanwhile, a major scene has been leaked even before the film is released.

Makers of Avengers Endgame had placed special screening of the film during the Cinema Con event. At the same time, a major thrill of the movie has been leaked to the Internet. In this scene, all the superheroes are planning an important plan to fight Thanos. This screening shows the initial 10-minute clip of the film. Apart from this, a clip of the film has been leaked to the Internet. Marvel Studios has officially released the scene after the leak was leaked.

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As shown in the scene, the remaining superheroes are in a room. During this, Captain Marvel tells him that after recovering Infinity Stone from Theonos they all have to be alive again. On this, Bruce Banner says that he is very few in number. Black Widow only says that he should try for those martyrs. That's when Bruce Banner says, is there a guarantee that he will win. Captain Marvel says that this time he is with them. Only then did the scene of Thor and 

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Director of the film Joe Rousseau recently said that many scenes were fake in the trailer. In an interview with Fox TV, Anchor said that my favorite scene in the trailer is Tony Stark and Captain America's Reunion. Joe Rousseau said, that Scene is not in the film and you can't find a movie. Joe Rousseau had earlier said of being a Fake Scene in the trailer.