Andhra Pradesh Elections 2019: Polling in the Middle of the Sea

Andhra Pradesh elections 2019: polling in the middle of the sea ..

Early polling in the Andhra Pradesh election process was getting ready. Officials were planning to conduct polling in all areas.
Andhra Pradesh Election 2019
Andhra Pradesh Election 2019

On the outskirts of the agency, the villages in the oasis along the remote villages were arranged for polling.

The first polling center was set up at Hope Island, about 7 km from the Kakinada coastline in the East Godavari district.

The crew traveled to the marine waters for the polling in the village in the middle of the sea.
Andhra Pradesh Elections 2019
Andhra Pradesh Elections 2019

Approximately 110 families live in Hope Island in the Corpora Panchayat area. Most of them are migrants.
This village, which is full of fishermen, is the main source of hunting in the sea.
Many of the migrants have moved to work in areas such as Yanam and Kakinada as recent marine wealth becomes less accessible.
There is no polling station in this village. They had to cross the ocean over the boats to vote in every election.
Whether it is a simple election or a local organization, this problem is not a problem for them.
This time the government's administration is planning to run polling in Hope Island. Polling number 218 has been set up in Mumdiviram assembly constituency.
The total number of voters is 288. There are 134 women.
Proceding officer Kalyan Manohar said the polling percentage was likely to be more than 90 per cent of the polling for the voters from the village to other areas.
For the first time, the polling has been done with full-scale arrangements.
"A total of 12 personnel have arrived at Hope Island for election manifesto this time. Kakinada came from a special vehicle from Mumidivaram and reached Hope Island on a two-hour sea cruise in the boat. There are four women staff including policemen. We stayed on the Island for the night and according to the Election Rules, at 6am mock live, then we start the polling. Polling will be held till 5pm. Then the EVMs will be taken back from the sea, "he explained.
Hope Islanders are happy to have a chance to use the vote in the middle of the ocean.
Venkata Ramana of the village shared his happiness with the Technical Hindustani.
"Our grandparents had to go to the boat to vote. This is the same situation every time. This time we are happy to have the right to vote here.
Facilities in the village are not good. It's good if we employ and help us, "said Ramana.
The authorities have taken special precautions to monitor the polling situation as there is no cell phone coverage in the village.
Boat has also been set up to provide special facilities for polling personnel in the island.