12 Best Beauty Tips for Face in Summer

12 Beauty Tips in Hindi for Face in Summer

Beauty Tips in Hindi for Face in Summer    -   Glowing skin is the dream of every girl. Some girls Skin seems that so much is clear to wish our skin is also a glowing winter | You can also get such a skin just for that you have to work a bit. The first thing to note is that using too much cosmetics will also threaten your skin defects. Therefore, at least use cosmetic. And check your expire date before using it. And the cosmetics always use the good company. So let's know Beauty Tips in Hindi

Beauty Tips for Face 
Beauty Tips
Beauty Tips

Beauty Tips for Face in Summer

  1.  Drink plenty of water and be refreshed from the inside. It gets rid of dirt from the body and creates new cells in the body.
  2. You must drink two glass juice every day. This will bring nutrition to the skin and skin glow.
  3. You wake up late night due to the work of the office and if your sleep is not complete in the morning, it can affect your skin. At least 8 hours in the night, you must sleep.
  4. Oranges can help a lot in the glow of your skin. Drink juice of it, dry its peel and make paste of it. This will help to make the skin shine in every way.
  5. Scrubing the skin brings new skin and the old stains begin to soften. Scrabble 1 week a week.
  6. You should have facial facials 1 times a month. If it is regular, then your skin will look fresh, healthy and young. If you can not go face to paraler, then scrub the legs at home and massage with cream.
  7. Apply lemon on the face, stains are removed and the skin gets a glow.
  8. Soak green tea and soak it in water and then apply it on the face. The face blackness will be gone.
  9. Clean the rose water on face by night. The skin will glow with coolness.
  10. Do not use bleach on face. It clears the face at that time, but in the future, bleach is in danger of deleting your skin. Mix lemon with honey.
  11. Mix the dough with light water and bring it to the face. Leave for 10-15 minutes and then clean the face with cold water. This will remove the dead skin.
  12. Peel the face on the face and spray raw potatoes on sun burn and rinse with light hands and then wash it with cold water.
  13. Gray water will be filled with warm water in the warmth of gram flour.
  14.  Like the rose water toner, put the cotton in the face before sleeping on the face. 
    15. In the heat, you can sometimes clean the face from snow too. 
    16. The less chemical creams or other products you use, the more the skin will not be scratched until the skin and your skin will look good without any makeup. 
    17. Wash your face at least 3 times in the days of the workers and your face should be mild. 
    18. Some people put a capsule of vitamin E on the face, most of all your skin will be very good for that time, but if you make it regular, then there is a risk of skin deformity.

Face Pack for Glowing Skin

 Almond face Mask

  1. Soak 3-4 almonds in milk in the morning. Mash the almond with good night and mix 1/4 table spoon honey in it and wash it on the face. After 20 minutes wash the face with cold water.
  2. table spoon Mix half a tablespoon lemon juice and half table spoon honey on the face and wash the face with cold water after 20 minutes.
  3. Soak the table spoon chironji in the milk overnight and mash them on the face and wash the face after 15 minutes.

Orange face Mask

Peel orange and sprinkle its pulp and mix some honey in it and apply it on your face for 10-15 minutes then wash it with cold water.

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